In Lucknow, raised the voice of Brijesh Pathak to get ICU made in the district hospital. Raised voice from Brijesh Pathak in Lucknow to get ICU made in district hospital

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Member of Parliament Jagdambika Pal meeting Deputy CM Brijesh Pathak in Lucknow.

The voice of making ICU in the United District Hospital affiliated to Madhav Prasad Tripathi Medical College has reached Deputy Chief Minister Brajesh Pathak. Member of Parliament Jagdambika Pal met the Deputy Chief Minister on Friday and informed about the need for ICU in the district. He also submitted a demand letter in this regard.

On this, the Deputy Chief Minister has given immediate instructions to the Principal Secretary Health to start the process of setting up an ICU. After the public representative’s campaign, the hope of setting up an ICU in the biggest hospital of the district is increasing. Member of Parliament Jagdambika Pal and District Magistrate are also constantly working on this issue.

Patients from Nepal reach the district hospital

MP Pal said that the letter has already been sent to the Health Minister and the Principal Secretary. Now meeting personally and telling the need of ICU. Even after 33 years of formation of the district, due to non-availability of ICU in government hospitals, the lives of serious patients are in danger. The people’s representatives and officials of the district have taken it seriously. Dumariaganj MP Jagdambika Pal said that the matter has been conveyed to the Deputy Chief Minister that the district’s population of three lakhs is dependent on the medical college. Apart from the neighboring districts of Balrampur, Maharajganj, Santakbirnagar, patients come here from even Nepal.

Discussion on the appointment of experts

Serious patients go directly to the emergency of the district hospital. If there is no facility of ICU in emergency, the patient is referred to BRD Medical College, Gorakhpur. Meanwhile, the patient’s health worsens on the way. Due to not getting timely treatment, the lives of the patients are in danger. There is an urgent need to make ICU in emergency before trauma center is built. With the setting up of an ICU, there will be facility in the treatment of serious patients, heart and kidney patients who have reached a state of coma after an accident. He also discussed the appointment of specialist doctors and trained staff along with the resources of the ICU.

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