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In Lucknow, Unseasonal Parijat Flowers At Ancient Hanuman Temple Draw Crowds – News18

In Lucknow, Unseasonal Parijat Flowers At Ancient Hanuman Temple Draw Crowds – News18

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The flowers start blooming at around 9 pm.

As per the locals, usually, the flowers on the tree bloom in December.

Sometimes miracles can occur in the smallest or simplest of things, but its awe factor remains the same as that of a big occurrence. This parijat tree flower is currently grabbing the local headlines for its untimely bloom, a phenomenon even scientists are unable to explain.

As per the reports of Local 18, the parijat tree is in the most ancient Hanuman temple, located in the Aliganj area of Lucknow. The tree, only nine years old, has reportedly started blooming, at a time when it is not supposed to. According to the information given, the flowers on the tree are expected to bloom in December. Its sudden bloom in July has shocked the locals of the place.

The secretary of the temple committee, Rajesh Pandey says that even scientists are surprised by the bloom when the weather is drastically different to what it requires. The temple committee thinks that it is because the tree is getting good care. A lake is located near the tree, so any devotee who visits to worship offers water to the tree. This way, it is well cared for, so much so, that flowers appear ahead of time. The committee firmly believes that thanks to Lord Hanuman the devotees are getting to witness such a miracle.

The blooming occurs around 9 PM. More information states that it blooms in a brilliant white colour and once the sun rays hit the petals, it turns golden. But it starts to wither by 10 in the morning. So, by evening, the flower is entirely withered. Devotees are visiting the temple from faraway places, hoping to get a glimpse of the miracle with their own eyes.

People use these flowers to worship Goddess Lakshmi, but only the ones which fell from the tree.

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