In Rae Bareli, 15 lakh books came out of 19 lakhs, 4 lakhs are yet to come, children are facing trouble. 15 lakh books came in 19 lakh in Rae Bareli, 4 lakh are yet to come, children are facing trouble

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File photo of District Basic Education Officer Shivendra Singh

Half the academic session 2022-23 is about to pass in Rae Bareli district, but till now the students have not been able to get the books. Far from meeting the children, she has not come to the district itself. The first consignment of some books did come on Sunday, but only 31 thousand books have been received in it, it may take a long time for the books to arrive and deliver them to the children. Due to this, more than three lakh children of the district will have to wait longer. The process was started in June for giving text books and workbooks to the students enrolled in the current academic session. The order was also sent. Despite this, there is considerable delay in supply. The workbooks have not yet been received by any child. Around 3.02 lakh children are enrolled in the district, who are awaiting distribution of work books. The district needs 3.53 lakh workbooks. The Basic Education Department is also awaiting the supply of workbooks so that they can be distributed among the children.

District Coordinator (Community) Dr. Sanjeev Gupta informed that the first batch of workbooks has arrived, in which about 31 thousand workbooks of class II Gintara have been received. The time for supply of work books has been given till October 5. That is, before this 100% supply of work books should be received. BSA Shivendra Pratap Singh said that as the supply of textbooks got available, they were taken to BRC and then distributed among the children. The supply of work books has now started, after verification of which efforts will be made to deliver them to the children as soon as possible.

books of Problem, Children Worried

19.13 lakh textbooks were demanded for distribution to the students in the district, for which the order was issued in June itself. Despite this, the supply of textbooks has not been 100% so far, while the time of supply was given till September 5. So far about 15 lakh books have come. Out of these, 14.5 lakh books have been delivered to schools through Block Resource Centers. More than four lakh books are yet to be supplied. This is the reason why children have not been able to get complete books till now.

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