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In Rajasthan’s Nagaur, Cumin Prices Surge But Farmers Face Concern Over Other Crops – News18

Last Updated: July 22, 2023, 11:28 IST

Cumin prices are increasing rapidly because of the climate crisis.

The minimum price of cumin in Nagaur district is Rs 45,000 per quintal.

The relentless impact of the climate crisis has unleashed a worrying trend in the agricultural sector, with cumin prices soaring to unprecedented heights, burdening common people. While this might be seen as a positive for cumin growers, many other farmers are grappling with disappointment due to the low prices of various food grains and oil crops.

In Nagaur, Rajasthan, the current minimum price for a quintal of cumin has skyrocketed to Rs 45,000 with the maximum price reaching a staggering Rs 60,000. This remarkable surge in cumin prices has brought smiles to the faces of cumin farmers, who are now reaping the rewards of their hard work. However, their counterparts engaged in cultivating guar, moong, and other crops are facing an entirely different scenario.

Reports reveal that prices of food grains and oil crops have become a matter of great concern for farmers, as these commodities have experienced stability for an extended period. Last year’s bumper harvest of these crops led to an abundant supply, causing prices and demand in the market to remain stagnant, much to the dismay of the agricultural community.

Let’s take a look at the recent prices in Nagaur Mandi (per quintal):

Thursday’s Prices:

Guar: Minimum 4500 / Maximum 5400

Moong: Minimum 6000 / Maximum 7450

Jowar: Minimum 3500 / Maximum 3950

Mustard: Minimum 4000 / Maximum 4950

Taramira: Minimum 4800 / Maximum 5200

Fenugreek: Minimum 5500 / Maximum 6200

Gram: Minimum 4000 / Maximum 4600

Sesame: Minimum 11000 / Maximum 13400

Barley: Minimum 1500 / Maximum 1800

Friday’s Prices:

Guar: Minimum 4500 / Maximum 5400

Moong: Minimum 6000 / Maximum 7650

Jowar: Minimum 2800 / Maximum 3700

Mustard: Minimum 4000 / Maximum 5000

Taramira: Minimum 4800 / Maximum 5225

Fenugreek: Minimum 5500 / Maximum 6150

Gram: Minimum 4000 / Maximum 4600

Sesame: Minimum 11000 / Maximum 13300

Barley: Minimum 1500 / Maximum 1850

During a recent media interaction, Mandi Secretary Raghunath Sinwar shed light on the concerning situation. He expressed that the chances of an increase in the production of food grains and oil crops in the upcoming days are minimal. The primary reason behind this stagnation is the surplus stock available in the market, which has dampened the demand for these commodities.

The government, aiming to alleviate the concerns of the common man, has taken steps to stabilise the prices. Despite favourable sowing conditions this year, it appears that prices are likely to remain consistent.

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