In Rare Seizure, ‘Black Cocaine’ Worth Rs 32 Crore Recovered In Ahmedabad

3.22 kg of the designer drug, worth Rs 32 crore, has been seized. (File)

In a rare seizure, 3.22 kg of designer drug ‘black cocaine’ has been recovered from a Brazilian national at Ahmedabad airport. The quantity of the drug seized is estimated to be worth Rs 32 crore.ย 

A press release said ‘black cocaine’ is a designer drug made by mixing cocaine with charcoal and other chemicals to give it a black rubbery appearance and camouflage it. The process also helps evade detection by canines and field-testing kits.ย 

The Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) had received a tip-off that a Brazilian national was flying into the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel International Airport in Ahmedabad from Sao Paulo with the drug concealed in his luggage.ย 

After being intercepted, the passenger, trolley and cabin bags were examined but the drug was not found.

The release said the DRI officials observed that the base area and walls of two bags had an unusually thick rubbery material which was very brittle in nature and was turning granular on applying pressure. The material was examined by a team of forensic science lab officers with a specialised field-testing kit, which showed the presence of cocaine.

The passenger, who was travelling on a tourist visa, has been arrested.ย 

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