In Saharanpur, gangsters thrashed in the presence of police, CO said – there was no assault in the presence of police | In the presence of police in Saharanpur, the rioters beat up, the CO said – did not fight in front of the police

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The goons kept beating the shopkeeper and the policemen kept making videos.

In the police station Mirzapur town of Saharanpur, the bullies beat up the shopkeeper fiercely for not giving him cigarettes on loan. The police reached the spot and tried to stop them. But the domineering victim kept beating the shopkeeper in front of the police. The extent was reached when the victim reached the police station with a complaint, then the police made the victim sit.

beaten up for not lending cigarettes
On Wednesday evening at around 7.30 pm, some miscreants of Mukarram’s son Aslam, who ran a poor paan kiosk in Mirzapur town, beat him up for not lending cigarettes. People gathered by beating. At the same time, the police, who arrived on the information of the assault, also appeared helpless in saving the poor kiosk from the bullies. One of the two cops was making a video and the other was trying to save the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper was injured in the beating of the bullies. After the beating, when the Mukarram police station reached Mirzapur in an injured state, the police made him sit there and did not take any action against the accused.

The shopkeeper was beaten up in the presence of the police
Mukarram told that the accused Naushad Qureshi came with his brother and started asking for cigarettes on loan. Mukarram refused. In such a situation, the debate between both of them increased so much that the situation came to a standstill. It is alleged that then his other companions also came and started beating.

CO Behat Ramkaran Singh says that there has been no assault in the presence of the police, while the video shows policemen during the assault. He says the matter will be investigated.

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