In the case of drugs, the name will affect the market value of actresses, many brands can get out of hand

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  • The Name Of Drugs Will Affect The Market Value Of Actresses, Many Brands Can Get Out Of Hand Advertisement Industry Prospects On Deepika, Sara And Shraddha

Amit Karna, Mumbai3 hours ago

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Famous names like Deepika Padukone, Sara Ali Khan, Shraddha Kapoor and Rakul Preet Singh have emerged from Bollywood in the drugs case. They have been in great demand in the advertising world. But after being found involved in the drugs case, Ed Gurus believe that the brand value and upcoming offers of these actresses will be affected.

According to Trade Experts, Deepika currently has more than 33 brands. At the same time, Shraddha has 13 brands and Sara has 11 brands. But after the new controversy, all the existing brands are also holding the shoot and promotion processes on hold.

If proven guilty, brands will get out of hand

Regarding this matter, Piyush Pandey says, ‘Deepika or whose name has come up, if they prove to be a culprit, then brands will surely get out of their hands. However, everything is still under investigation. In this case how much damage will be done to Deepika or anyone else, it is too early to say.

He said, ‘See Alia Bhatt, she came on social media’s target of nepotism, yet she got a new ad with Aamir Khan. The sensible company will wait for the investigation to end in the drugs case.

From now on companies will also enter alert mode

He further said, ‘If we talk about this stage, then the shootings are decreasing at the moment. In such a situation, companies associated with Deepika etc. have put their endorsement on hold. I think when it all becomes calm, then the sub will depend on the viewership of the audience. My thinking says that companies will not rush to sign new contracts from now on.



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