In the middle of the crossroads, the young woman showered slaps on the young man, there was a long jam everywhere due to the crowd of spectators, the youth who were killed by SDM Etah’s car | The young man driving the car of the SDM of Etah had hit the girl, the victim was dragged out of the car and slapped her

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  • In The Middle Of The Crossroads, The Young Woman Showered Slaps On The Young Man, There Was A Long Jam Everywhere Due To The Crowd Of Spectators, The Youth Who Were Killed By SDM Etah’s Car

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The girl threw slaps at the young man. Seeing the attitude of the girl, even the policemen could not dare to go near her.

A huge crowd gathered on Saturday night after seeing a young woman beating up a young man at the Awadh intersection of Krishnanagar Kotwali area of ​​the capital. Seeing the attitude of the girl, the policemen also kept looking here and there instead of defending them. Due to the high voltage drama, there was a long jam everywhere. When the Kotwal reached the spot on information, the matter cooled down. According to the police, the youths going by the car of Etah SDM Abul Kalam hit the girl.

According to eyewitnesses, the girl, who was walking on the Awadh intersection on Saturday night, had a minor collision with an SUV car. On this, the girl stopped the car and dragged the young man sitting on the driving seat down. After this he started beating her in the middle of the crossroads. In such a time that no one could understand anything, the girl showered slaps on the young man. Seeing the girl beating like this, the traffic constable standing at a distance reached there. But seeing the attitude of the girl, he could not muster the courage to intervene.

Police brought challan by catching the boys from home

Seeing the girl beating like this, a crowd of passersby gathered. Due to this, there was a long jam on the road on all sides. After getting the information, Kotwal Mahesh Dubey reached the spot. Seeing the police coming, the two boys slipped away. The police brought the girl and the boy who was beating her to the police station. After this, two youths were brought from their house on Jagat Narayan Road, but the girl refused to give a complaint. The names of the youths are Shahadat Ali, Inayat Ali and Dawood Ali, police said. All three have been challaned for breach of peace. The car he was in belonged to Etah’s SDM Abul Kalam.

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