In the name of paying no dues, the branch manager had asked for a bribe. In the name of paying no dues, the branch manager had asked for a bribe.

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In the Punjab National Bank Naugaon in Sadabad, Hathras, the CBI ACB team scrutinized the paper for about 15 hours in the bank branch. Flipped the files and inquired. The big action taken in the case of demanding bribe has raised the ears of other people too. The CBI ACB team reached Naugaon for investigation after a farmer from Mahavan Mathura lodged an FIR in Anti-Corruption Bureau Ghaziabad. CBI can take quick action against ACB branch manager in corruption case.

Files scrutinized by Friday 5 pm

It was around 2:00 pm on Thursday. Five vehicles with parking slips of CBI came and all the people entered inside the bank branch. Inquiries were held in the branch manager’s cabin for about two hours. The branch manager’s wife reached Naugaon around 4:00 pm. Some members of the ACB took the branch manager and his wife with them for questioning and investigation. After this, the round of reversing of files started in the bank branch which continued till 5:00 in the morning.

Employees went home after the team left

According to the information, the ACB team closely checked the files of KCC and OTS in the bank branch. During this action, a bank peon and a clerk remained mute spectators in the branch. At 5:00 am the ACB team came out of the bank branch and the peon and the clerk were released. The villagers were surprised about the CBI raid. Villagers had not seen such action before. There was a public dealing in the bank on Friday, but the faces of the bank employees were down. The effect of CBI raid on the functioning of bank employees was clearly visible.

The team had searched the file in the bank for 15 hours

An FIR has been lodged in Anti-Corruption Bureau, Ghaziabad against the branch manager of Punjab National Bank, Naugaon, Keshav Singh for demanding bribe. Bantu Singh, son of Chandan Singh, resident of Pakki Garhi Nagla Sanja, Mahavan Mathura has told in the report that his father Chandan Singh had taken Kisan Credit Card loan in 2010 from Punjab National Bank branch in Naugaon. Due to poor financial condition, Chandan Singh could not deposit the loan. Due to this account number zero 0466511 500061 became NPA.

The person from Mathura had given a complaint

The branch manager closed the account on 3rd September 2022 under the one-time settlement scheme. Branch Manager Keshav Singh is demanding ₹ 45000 in lieu of paying no dues through recovery agent. Bantu Singh told that he does not want to give bribe. He is making daily rounds of the bank branch to get no dues. The proof of this can be found from the CCTV camera installed in the bank branch. Bank branch manager is not ready to give no dues without bribe.

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