In the ponds that were freed from occupation, earlier there were habitats of other birds including cranes. Bird sanctuary will be built in the ponds of two villages free from encroachment: In the ponds that were freed from the occupation, there were earlier habitats of other birds including cranes

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  • Bird Sanctuary Will Be Built In The Ponds Of Two Villages Free From Encroachment: In The Ponds That Were Freed From The Occupation, There Were Earlier Habitats Of Other Birds Including Cranes

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In two villages, the ponds that were freed from occupation were earlier the habitats of other birds including cranes.

DM Shivakant Dwivedi said that efforts should be made to bring back the natural resources of water conservation in the district in their original condition. He said that work for the revival of ponds, ponds and rivers should be started immediately by making them encroachment free with commitment at every level. The DM today inspected the villages of Bisaria and Richha in Tehsil Faridpur.

During this, he gave necessary instructions to the concerned officers including Deputy District Magistrate Faridpur Ajay Kumar Upadhyay. Chief Development Officer Chandra Mohan Garg was also present in the inspection. The DM said that the campaign to remove encroachment from all the ponds and ponds which are illegally occupied should be expedited. Along with this, ponds of two identified villages should be developed as bird sanctuary.

Tourism will get a boost if it is developed as a bird sanctuary

It is worth mentioning that on the instructions of DM, under the campaign to remove encroachment for water conservation and rejuvenation of ponds, the identified ponds of village Bisaria and Richha etc. have been made encroachment free by the Deputy District Magistrate of Faridpur. The land was inspected today. The Deputy District Magistrate informed that there are 19 ponds in village Bisaria whose area is 18.61 hectares, out of which the area of ​​Talab Khasra 184 is 11.44 hectares.

The total area of ​​village Bisaria is 103 hectares, there are total 19 ponds in this village, many of these ponds are naturally connected to each other. The local villagers told that there has been a nest of birds like cranes etc. here for a long time, but now their numbers have reduced due to encroachment and lack of water. During the inspection, the DM directed the Chief Development Officer and the Project Director to take action by preparing an action plan for its revival.

Similarly, in village Richha, the District Magistrate directed the Project Director to develop and renovate the pond land, Khasra 481 mi acreage, 7.543 hectares. DM said that these places are also important from the point of view of tourism, from this point of view also such places should be developed.

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