In Varanasi, the wife quarreled with her husband and took two children and jumped into a well, killing both innocents. | In Varanasi, the wife quarreled with her husband and took two children and jumped into the well, killing both the innocent.

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Varanasi2 minutes ago

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Fire Brigade personnel were also called to the spot.

  • Policemen and villagers somehow eject the first woman

Anita, the wife of Ajit Patel, who sold vegetables on Thursday in Pillori village of Mirzamurad police station, jumped into a well with two children innocent after a minor dispute. The villagers informed the police about the incident and helped to take out the woman Anita. After a while in search of policemen, the dead body of three-year-old Srishti and five-year-old son Prince came out of the well.

It took a lot of effort to find the bodies of a five-year-old innocent prince

Ajit Patel, a resident of Ahi village of Mirzapur Kachwa police station area, works for selling vegetables. He had a dispute with wife Anita this morning. After this, Anita left the house with three-year-old daughter Srishti and five-year-old son Prince. On reaching the village of Pillori in Varanasi, he jumped into the well. Villagers working in the field informed the police and started trying to save.

Mirzamurad police station in-charge Sunil Dutt Dubey said that with the help of police personnel, the villagers saved Anita alive. The body of three years of creation has also been found. The fire brigade was called in to search for the second child. Even after a lot of effort, the Prince could not be saved. The woman has been sent to the district hospital for treatment.


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