In VIDEO, the BDO of Saharanpur said – ‘I am a firm Jatni, if I come on my own..’ | In VIDEO, the BDO of Saharanpur said – ‘I am a firm Jatni, if I have come on my own ..’ as villager were protesting to install THR plant

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The villagers were protesting against the construction of a Take Home Ration Plant (THR Plant) in Puwarka, Saharanpur. To convince the villagers, Block Development Officer (BDO) Neeru Malik had reached the panchayat house of Tiwaya in Gagalhedi. The villagers were warning not to allow the plant to be set up under any circumstances.

In such a situation, the tone of BDO Neeru Malik changed. She said, โ€œI have not come from Pakistan, I am from the nearby district of Shamli and am a true Jatni. If I come on my own thenโ€ฆโ€ This video of BDO threatening villagers is being shared a lot.

THR plant fight in Panchayat Ghar
Village Panchayat Secretary Gaurav Sharma and the workers, who came to start the construction work of THR plant in Panchayat Ghar courtyard in Tivaya of Gagalhedi, had to face opposition from the villagers. The villagers said that they would not allow the plant to be set up under any circumstances.

BDO Neeru Malik explained to the villagers, but instead of the construction of the village plant, the panchayat ghar was adamant on the demand to build a secretariat. During this, the BDO had a lot of tussle with the villagers.

students will have trouble
Villagers say that most of the panchayat land has been given to Kasturba Gandhi Residential School. Equivalent to this, due to the installation of machines in the Panchayat Bhawan, students will have trouble in their studies. There will be no sports space for them.

The village secretariat should be constructed in the panchayat building itself. The villagers also showed the video of the wedding ceremony at the Panchayat Bhawan to the Block Development Officer.

Panjiri will be made for children
Principal representative Sachin Kumar says that by installing machines in the plant, members of the self-help group will make registers etc. The land will be given by the government, where the plant groups will be set up. Village head and villagers are opposing this. Seeing the protest of the villagers, BDO Neeru Malik lost his cool.

A young man has been sent to jail
Corona vaccination was being done in a village in Kailashpur. When the BDO along with the team reached the house of a Muslim family, the boy pushed the BDO to Neeru Malik and asked him to leave the house. They lack education. Then what was the BDO orgy. Reported in the police station. The team that came along had also vandalized the house of a Muslim family.

The police had picked up the women of the house. On calling the accused, it was said to release the women. When the young man was handed over, the women were released. A case was also registered against a woman, who later had to get bail.

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