Inauguration of a river twice, waiting for the third, Fatehabad MLA Jitendra Verma said – it is not wrong to launch schemes | Twice the opening of a river, waiting for the third; Fatehabad MLA Jitendra Verma said – it is not wrong to launch the schemes

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The MLA himself started the work with a shovel and a tasala.

Under the MNREGA scheme, an electoral glimpse has also been seen in the restoration of Utangan river in Agra. The restoration of the same river has been launched twice by different MLAs. However, in this case, the MLA says that both the MLAs have done their best The scheme has been launched under its own assembly and there is nothing wrong in it. Please tell that Utangan river is under Bah tehsil, Fatehabad tehsil and Kheragarh tehsil of Agra. The river has been dry for a long time. This time the river is being renovated under MNREGA scheme even before the rainy season arrives.

First launch on 5th June

Under the MNREGA scheme, on the occasion of World Environment Day on June 5, the restoration of Untangan river was inaugurated by CDO A Manikandan and MLA Fatehabad Jitendra Verma in village panchayat Khander of development block Fatehabad. The MLA himself started the work with a shovel and a tasala.

Bah inaugurated today
Bah MLA Rani Pakshalika Singh inaugurated the restoration of the river in Serb village of Bah tehsil today. However, efforts were made to contact her regarding the inauguration of the river for the second time but could not be done.

Fatehabad MLA said – everything is right

Fatehabad Tehsil MLA Jitendra Verma said that there are separate Vidhan Sabhas and both the MLAs have inaugurated in their respective constituencies. It is not wrong to launch the plans of their own assembly.

Is there an attempt to brighten the face for election preparation?

The work done under MGNREGA is done with the funds given by the central government. The village head has the responsibility of the work and the wages are sent directly to the account of every laborer. There is no use of MLA fund in both the places. In such a situation, the opposition says that the bugle of preparation for the election has sounded and efforts are being made to shine the face at government expense.

maybe third opening

Right now the work of restoration of Utangan river is to be done in Kheragarh tehsil as well, so speculations are being made that it should not be inaugurated there. However, this has not been confirmed by Kheragarh MLA Mahesh Goyal.

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