Incident on Ganj Road while returning from picketing at electricity office. 10-15 people committed the incident on Ganj Road while returning from a sit-in at the power office

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After the Bolero snatching incident, the workers of BKYU reached the police station.

In Bijnor, 10-15 miscreants snatched Bolero on the strength of arms from the District President of Bharatiya Kisan Union Tikait faction by holding up Ganj Road in the late evening. There was panic in the police on the information of snatching the car.

Kuldeep Singh, the district president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union Tikait faction, was on his way back to Ganj along with three workers, joining the dharna at the electricity office. Then 10-15 armed men stopped them by holding the road and snatched the car.

The District President, along with the workers, reached the city Kotwali and alleged that the supporters of Digambar Singh, the state president of the Bharatiya Kisan Union Apolitical Youth, snatched the car from him.

pulled out at gun point

Kuldeep Singh says “The car was driving Sudhanshu, Ankit and Kapil took them out of the car by showing weapons and went towards Bijnor in the car.”

Nominated Tahrir given against 5 people

On information about the snatching of the car, the police officers reached the spot and inspected the spot. Late in the evening, District President Kuldeep Singh reached the police station along with dozens of workers and demanded action against the accused. District President Kuldeep Singh has given a complaint in the police station, naming 5 people and against 10-15 unknowns.

There is an old dispute about the car

City Kotwal Ravindra Vashisht told that there is an old dispute regarding the vehicle, the matter is being investigated. Till late night, the workers of the farmers union remained in the police station. In this case, Digambar Singh says that he had bought the car with his own money. Kuldeep Singh was given to drive the car. He was not returning the car on demand. The car has not been stolen. has been withdrawn.

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