Live updates: Tornado watches in Alabama, Georgia and Southeastern states

While there are no storm-related fatalities reported, there are reports of damage, especially in the Selma area, according to Ricky Adams, director of field operations for Alabama Emergency Management.

“We’re receiving some reports from across the state — several different tornado sightings — but no reports of fatalities at this time. However, the counties and the state are still assessing the damage, and the weather service is on scene in Selma looking at that damage,” he told CNN. “It’s worse in the Selma area and the western parts of the state right now, but again, it’s early and we’re still assessing.”

The damage reports include structural damage, fallen trees, downed power lines, he said, adding that the area is very difficult to access due to debris.

“The information is going to be a little slow coming out, but they are working house to house and area to area looking for people who may be entrapped and those who are injured,” he said. “We’re in life-safety mode, and that’s the purpose to try to find as many people as we can.”

He warned that the threat is not over.

“The threat is not over for the state of Alabama. In fact, that same weather system is still moving through the central part of the state, and still moving east. So it is still a very significant weather day for us,” he said.

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