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‘India is Afraid of Losing to Pakistan in Pakistan..’ – PCB Chariman’s Bizarre Claim on India’s Refusal to Travel to Pakistan

PCB Chief Najam Sethi made a bombshell claim regarding India’s refusal to travel to Pakistan for Asia Cup 2023 (AFP Photo)

PCB Chief Najam Sethi claimed that India is afraid of losing to Pakistan in Pakistan, that’s why the BCCI are unwilling to send the Indian team across the border

While there has been an ongoing tussle between India and Pakistan over Asia Cup with India’s refusal to travel to Pakistan for the continental event scheduled to be held later this year, Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Najam Sethi has come up with a bizarre claim on why he thinks BCCI is reluctant to send its team to Pakistan.

Sethi said he has a suspicion that India is afraid to lose to Pakistan in Pakistan and even in India.

“The Indian bridge, volleyball and kabaddi teams have visited Pakistan. So, what’s the problem with the Indian cricket team coming to Pakistan? My suspicion is that India is afraid of losing to Pakistan in India and India is afraid of losing to Pakistan in Pakistan,” Sethi told the Indian Express.

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In response to reports suggesting that the India vs Pakistan World Cup match could be held in Ahmedabad, Sethi expressed his views on the matter, highlighting potential concerns and a perceived political angle surrounding the venue selection.

Sethi, addressing the issue, stated, “When I heard this statement, I smiled and said to myself – ‘this is one way to make sure we don’t come to India’. If you had said Chennai or Kolkata, it might have made sense.” While refraining from delving into the politics behind it, he emphasized that Ahmedabad, as a city, could pose security challenges for the Pakistani team.

The PCB chairman refrained from going into further details but hinted at a political motive behind the decision, stating, “The less said about that, the better. It certainly gave the impression that this is a red herring being thrown in our way to tell us – ‘hey, we are going to play you in Ahmedabad and you watch out.’ You know, who rules Ahmedabad!”

The remarks by Sethi shed light on the concerns raised by the PCB regarding the potential venue for the highly anticipated World Cup clash. The possibility of playing in Ahmedabad, according to Sethi, raises questions about the security arrangements and adds a political dimension to the already charged atmosphere surrounding the India-Pakistan cricket rivalry.

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Amidst escalating tensions between the two boards, the PCB had earlier put forth a hybrid model as a potential solution for hosting the Asia Cup. This proposal comes in response to the BCCI’s insistence on organizing the tournament at a neutral venue. Speculation is also rife about the BCCI considering a five-nation tournament as an alternative to the Asia Cup.

Adding to the friction, the PCB has previously threatened to boycott the ODI World Cup scheduled to be held in India later this year if the BCCI refuses to play in Pakistan. Najam Sethi also went a step further by advocating for the adoption of the hybrid model during the World Cup as well.

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