“India Not Born In 1947”: PM To Senior Sikh Leaders Ahead Of Punjab Polls

PM Modi spoke about bringing back the Guru Granth Sahib from Afghanistan

New Delhi:

India was not born in 1947, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today in an interaction with senior Sikh leaders at his home in Delhi ahead of the Punjab election on Sunday. ย 

“This country was hardly born in 1947. Our gurus went through so much… We suffered so much oppression during the Emergency. I was underground at that time. I used to wear a Sikh disguise to hide. I used to wear a pagdi,” PM Modi is heard telling the gathering in a video released by his office.

Reaching out to the community, PM Modi repeated his comment that the Congress failed to ensure that the Sikh shrine Kartarpur Sahib stayed in India during the Partition of 1947. Kartarpur Sahib is in Pakistan and around six km from Punjab.

“They could not reach an agreement to bring Kartarpur, which is six km away. I started talks through the diplomatic channel. When I used to stay in Punjab I used to look at (Kartarpur Sahib) using binoculars. Then I used to think we have to do something,” PM Modi said.

“This was such a holy task that with the blessings of Gurus, we did it. What we have done in such a short time, this would not have been possible without devotion,” he added.

He also spoke about bringing back the Guru Granth Sahib from Afghanistan.

“The Guru Granth Sahib should be brought back with pride from Afghanistan. We made arrangements and provided a special plane. I asked our ministers to bring it back with respect. It is invaluable in our lives. As someone from Gujarat, I want to say that I have ties of blood with you as one of the Punj Pyaras of Guru Gobind Singh was from Gujarat,” said the PM.

During the meal, the Prime Minister handed out plates to the Sikh leaders, saying: “I want to do seva today.”

As he received a Siropa or robe of honour from the leaders, PM Modi said he had learnt a lot from Sikh Gurus and that he tried to follow their teachings.

The leaders also greeted the Prime Minister by wrapping saffron patkas or scarves around him; the PM was seen telling his staff not to let the cloth touch the ground.

One of the Sikh leaders told PM Modi that he was the “first PM” to try to reach out to every heart. “Modi-ji’s heart is Sikhs’ heart,” he said.

“This is your home. Like you, I walked into this place, I will similarly walk to a gurudwara,” PM Modi remarked.ย  ย 

The BJP is contesting the Punjab election in an alliance with former Chief Minister Amarinder Singh’s Punjab Lok Congress and the Akali Dal faction headed by Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa.

Those at the meeting included Delhi Gurudwara Committee president Harmeet Singh Kalka, Baba Balbir Singh Sichewal, Mahant Karamjit Singh, Baba Joga Singh of Dera Baba Jang Singh and Sant Baba Mejor Singh Waa.


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