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India wins 5-a-side Hockey Asia Cup: Defeats Pakistan in tiebreaker in final; qualify for the world cup

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  • India Vs Pakistan Hockey 5s Final : IND 4 PAK 4, India Win On Penalties To Win Hockey 5s Asia Cup

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Hockey team players with the Asia Cup trophy.

The Indian hockey team has won the 5-a-side Hockey Asia Cup. In the final match of the first Asia Cup played in Oman, the team defeated Pakistan 2-0 in the tiebreaker.

Both the teams scored 4-4 goals in the stipulated time. After which the match was decided by Trybacker. India won in the tiebreaker. Along with this, the Indian team has also qualified for the World Cup to be held in Oman in January-2024.

Mohammad Rahil scored 2 goals
Mohammad Rahil scored two goals in regulation time for India, while Jugraj Singh and Maninder Singh scored one each. In the tie-breaker, Gurjot Singh and Maninder Singh scored for India in the shoot-out. While Abdul Rahman, captain Abdul Rana, Zikriya Hayat and Arshad Liaquat scored goals for Pakistan in the stipulated time.

Team India with the Asia Cup trophy.

Team India with the Asia Cup trophy.

Pakistan was leading 3-2 in the first half
At the end of the first half, the Indian team was trailing by one goal. Pakistan scored 3 goals, while India could score only 2 goals. In the 5th minute of the match, Pakistan’s Abdul Rahman gave the team a 1-0 lead by scoring the first goal for the team, dodging Indian goalkeeper Suraj Karkera.

In the 7th minute, Jugraj Singh scored a goal for India to make the score 1-1. India took a 2-1 lead in the 10th minute thanks to Maninder Singh’s goal. Pakistan captain Abdul Rana scored a goal in the 13th minute and just a minute later, Zikriya Hayat put the team ahead 3-2. This was the score till half time.

In the second half, Arshad Liaquat scored a goal in the 19th minute for Pakistan to make it 4-2. India needed two goals to stay in the match. Right after Liaquat’s goal, Mohammad Rahil made it 4-3 for India. And in the 26th minute, Rahil dodged the Pakistani defense and scored a goal to make the score 4-4.

Till the end of the match i.e. till the scheduled time of 30 minutes, the score remained 4-4. After which the match was decided in the tiebreaker. Pakistan missed both chances in the tiebreaker. At the same time, first Gurjot Singh and then Maninder Singh scored a goal for India to win the Indian team.

India has qualified for the 5-A Hockey World Cup.

India has qualified for the 5-A Hockey World Cup.

What is 5-a side hockey
It is the shorter version of hockey. Which is known as 5-a side hockey. Federation of International Hockey (FIH) started it last year. The Indian team played its first 5-a-side hockey match in the month of June.

Can the match be played without a goalkeeper?
Some things will be seen changed in the limited format of hockey. Such as time duration, field size and playing rules. The duration of this match will be less than half as compared to the normal hockey match i.e. around 30 minutes. At the same time, it will be played in the turf of 45×78 size.

Competition will be held in 2nd half and 4th quarter only.
The match will be played in two halves and four quarters as before. If the turf is smaller than the prescribed standard, then the match can be played in 4 players instead of 5. Well, a goalkeeper is essential in the game. But depending on the circumstances, matches can be played with field players without a goalkeeper. There will be side boards instead of side lines around the turf. So that the ball does not go out and if there is no side board then the rules of normal hockey will apply.

Team India celebrating victory.

Team India celebrating victory.

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