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“Indian Army Committed To Welfare Of Agniveers,” Says Rajnath Singh

“Indian Army Committed To Welfare Of Agniveers,” Says Rajnath Singh

Reacting to the clarification issued by the Indian Army on the emoluments to Agniveer Ajay Kumar, Defence Minister RajnathSingh said that the “Indian Army is committed to the welfare of Agniveers.”

Taking to X, the defence minister wrote, “Indian Army is committed to the welfare of Agniveers!”

Indian Army’s Additional Directorate General of Public Information (ADGPI) posted a ‘clarification on emoluments to Agniveer Ajay Kumar’ on Wednesday and said certain posts on social media have brought out that compensation hasn’t been paid to the next of kin of the Agniveer.

“Certain posts on Social Media have brought out that compensation hasn’t been paid to the next of Kin of Agniveer Ajay Kumar who lost his life in the line of duty. “It is emphasised that the Indian Army salutes the supreme sacrifice made by Agniveer Ajay Kumar. The last rites were carried out with full Military Honours. Of the total amount due, family of Agniveer Ajay has already been paid Rs 98.39 lakhs,” ADGPI said in a post on X.

“Ex – Gratia and other benefits amounting to approximately 67 lakhs, as applicable according to the provisions of the Agniveer Scheme, will be paid on Final Account Settlement shortly post-due police verification. The total amount will be Rs 1.65 Cr approximately. It is re-emphasised that emoluments due to a fallen hero are paid expeditiously to the Next of Kin of departed soldiers, including Agniveers,” it added.

Earlier in the day, Leader of Opposition and Congress leader Rahul Gandhi accused Defence Minister RajnathSingh of “lying” on the floor of the Lok Sabha over the Agniveer scheme and demanded an apology.

In his video message on X, Rahul Gandhi said that Singh had lied in Parliament about the issue of compensation to families of killed Agniveers.

“The importance of truth in every religion. RajnathSingh lied before Lord Shiva’s photo about the compensation to the country, its armed forces, and Agniveers. I have said in my speech that don’t listen to me or his (RajnathSingh) speech, but listen to the family of Agniveer family,” the Leader of the Opposition said in a video message.

He shared the video of the father of Agniveer Ajay Singh who died in Jammu and Kashmir and said that despite Singh‘s claims, his family had not received the promised compensation.

Ajay Singh‘s father said, “RajnathSingh made the statement that families of killed soldiers have been given Rs 1 crore compensation but no such assistance had been received by his family. Rahul Gandhi is raising our voice in Parliament that families of martyrs must get all necessary help. Agniveer recruitment must stop and regular recruitment should be reinstated,” the father of Agniveer Ajay Singh said.

The Congress leader demanded an apology from the Defence Minister.

“The Defence minister had lied to the family of killed Ajay Singh ji, the armed forces and the youth of the country, and must apologise to them. Daro mat, Darao mat,” he added.

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