Indian Chess Team and Russia joint winners of Online Chess Olympiad after Server Malfunction Viswananthan Anand News Updates | India and Russia win gold, FIDE declared both teams joint winners after server malfunction

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  • Indian Chess Team And Russia Joint Winners Of Online Chess Olympiad After Server Malfunction Viswananthan Anand News Updates

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The International Chase Federation (FIDE) shared the photo of India’s Viswanathan Anand (left), Koneru Hampi and R Pragananandha (center) congratulating the two teams.

  • Two Indian players Nihal and Divya were disconnected due to server malfunction during the match.
  • Then Russia was declared the winner, after which India opposed this disputed decision.

Both Russia and India were jointly declared winners on Sunday in the online Chase Olympiad tournament. Both received gold medals. This decision was taken due to a server failure in the final where matches could not be completed.

Actually, during the match, two players of India, Nihal Sarin and Divya Deshmukh were disconnected due to server malfunction. Then Russia was declared the winner. India then opposed this disputed decision.

India’s appeal is being investigated
Due to Corona, the International Chase Federation (FIDE) made this tournament for the first time in an online format. The World Chase Body tweeted, “FIDE President Akaardi Vorkovich has decided to give gold medals to both India and Russia team in the online 100th Olympiad.” India officially appealed to the Indian players to break the connection and run out of time. It is now being investigated.

Three players connection was broken
“FIDE has told us that in the second round of the finals our 3 players Koneru Hampi, Nihal Sarin and Divya Deshmukh were logged out due to server problem,” Indian team’s non-playing captain Srinath Narayan told the news agency. We then demanded a fair verdict. “India has appealed saying that the problem was due to


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