Indian Farmers Union Ambabata distributed sweets, farmer leader said farmers’ victory | Indian Farmers Union Ambabata distributed sweets, farmer leader said farmers’ victory

Mathura26 minutes ago

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Leaders of Indian Farmers Union Ambabata celebrating after the announcement made by the Prime Minister to withdraw the Agriculture Act

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the withdrawal of agricultural reform laws in his address to the country on Saturday, there was a wave of happiness among the agitating farmers. The office bearers of the Bharatiya Kisan Union Ambata in Mathura expressed happiness by feeding each other sweets. Farmer leaders say that it is the result of the farmers’ struggle that the central government had to withdraw all three agricultural reform laws.

Struggled to return the agricultural reform law

Farmer organizations say that our penance was successful and the central government came on the back foot. Lekhraj Singh, Mandal President of Bhartiya Kisan Union Ambabata, said that the farmers won due to the withdrawal of all three black laws. Expresses gratitude to the government but is not satisfied till the time this law is not repealed in Parliament, the guarantee on MSP is not given. Lekhraj Singh said that for almost 1 year, sitting on the movement, 22 movements have been done to fight for the interest of the farmers, but will not crawl till the government’s louse. While doing the movement, Mandal President Lekhraj Singh and District President Rajkumar Tomar also went to temporary jail 5 times.

Whole farmer community won: District President

Raj Kumar, District President of Bharatiya Kisan Union, Ambata said that they are ready to go to jail again and again and give their lives for fighting for the interest of farmers. This is not a victory for any one organization, one caste, one religion, it is the victory of the entire farmer community.

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