Indian players upset after the attack on Ukraine: Paralympic medalist Sharad Kumar called the coach, said – the sound of the bomb was everywhere

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After Russia’s attack on Ukraine, there is an atmosphere of panic all over the world. It is also affecting the game a lot. Many Ukrainian players have come out against Vladimir Putin and they are also opposing the President of Russia. Indian players are also upset due to the attack on Ukraine.

Actually, the coach of Sharad Kumar, who won the bronze medal in the high jump for India at the Tokyo Paralympics 2020, is from Ukraine.

Sharad calls the coach
Sharad Kumar’s coach Nikitin lives in Kharkiv, Ukraine, which Sharad considers his second home. Nikitin has been his coach for the past 5 years. Sharad started worrying about the coach as soon as he attacked in Kharkiv, Russia. He also spoke to Nikitin on the phone.

Sharad tweeted and wrote – I have spoken to my coach in Kharkiv, Ukraine. He is very upset. He is hearing the sound of bombs from his house. He is thinking of shifting to his underground garage.

Ukrainian players are also protesting
Ukrainian football player Roman Yarenchuk scored against Benfica in the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday to draw the match. After scoring the goal, he took off his T-shirt and gave a message. Yarenchuk was wearing Ukraine’s trishul inside his T-shirt. He also raised slogans in support of his country.

Russian player also protested
Football player Smolov is the first Russian player who has opposed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. On his social media account, while giving the caption of a black photo share, he wrote – There should be no war…

German champion refused to participate in the race
German Formula One racing champion Sebastian Vettel has said he will not participate in Formula One’s Russian Grand Prix this year due to the ongoing attacks by Russia in Ukraine. The four-time Formula One champion said, ‘I was shocked to see the news on Thursday morning. I think it’s all terrible. If you look at our calendar, I have a race in Russia, but I won’t go now. I think it would be wrong to participate in the race there. I have taken my decision.

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