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Indian Professor’s Job Poster Looks Straight From Election That Has Desis ‘Voting’ for Laughs – News18

Curated By: Purvi Khemani

Last Updated: October 04, 2023, 12:21 IST

Indian Professor’s Job Poster Looks Straight From Election That Has Desis ‘Voting’ for Laughs (Photo Credits: X/@akaPrateekshit)

Indian man’s announcement of becoming an Assistant Professor through an election-like poster elicits laughter.

Just when you thought birthday posters were the height of creativity, a professor has taken the internet by storm with his unique announcement poster. Prateekshit ‘Kanu’ Pandey, the newly appointed Assistant Professor at the Department of Communication at UC (University of California) Santa Barbara, decided to share the news of his recent career move in a style reminiscent of the celebratory banners often seen during Indian political campaigns. Naturally, this audacious move had the online community in stitches.

Using the micro-blogging platform ‘X’, the professor unveiled his news with a generous sprinkle of humor, declaring, “Happy to officially announce that I am joining the Department of Communication at UC Santa Barbara @CommUcsb as an Assistant Professor, starting January 2024. आइ वडिलांच्या आशीर्वाद आहेत भारी (The blessings of my elders are pouring in).”

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Accompanying this revelation was a poster that went viral for all the right reasons. In the poster, Pandey could be seen striking a ‘victory’ pose with garlands that draped his neck like medals of honor. He didn’t stop there; he included images of university dignitaries and supporters, complete with congratulatory messages in Marathi. The result was nothing short of a victorious political campaign poster.

Take a Look:

Unsurprisingly, humourous comments flooded in, with one witty soul musing, “If I remain in academia, it will only be for the possibility of making such an announcement for my future positions.” Another commenter, torn between laughter and admiration, pondered, “I don’t know whether to congratulate you or vote for you. Big fan.” A third observer couldn’t contain their amusement, exclaiming, “This just gets funnier the more I look at it XD The way this absolutely nails the Marathi political poster vibe is wild.”

Interestingly, Pandey shared this announcement by revisiting an older post in which he’d invited people to join him on Zoom for his dissertation defense presentation, using the same ‘poster’ style. The topic of his thesis was, ‘Disentangling the reciprocal causal relationship between political efficacy and sharing traditional and humorous news’.

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That post, too, had garnered thousands of likes and, naturally, no shortage of chuckles.

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