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Indian team's dream broken: Australia defeated for the first time in the Under-19 World Cup final; won fourth title

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The Indian team was defeated by Australia by 79 runs in the final match of the Under-19 World Cup.

The Indian team, which was chasing the target of 254 runs in Benoni on Sunday, was all out for 174 runs in 43.5 overs. Opener Adarsh ​​Singh scored the highest score of 47 runs. Raf McMillan and Mahli Beardman took 3 wickets each for the Kangaroos.

Earlier, the Kangaroo team won the toss and elected to bat and scored 253 runs for 7 wickets in 50 overs. Harjas Singh scored the highest score of 55 runs. While captain Hugh Wiebgen was out after scoring 48 runs and Harry Dixon was out after scoring 42 runs. Raj Limbani got 3 wickets. While Naman Tiwari got 2 successes.

Australia's gamechanger

Three reasons for India's defeat

  • India lost wickets continuously, except Adarsh ​​and Abhishek no one survived – The Indian team, which set out to chase the target of 254 runs, lost wickets at regular intervals. The first blow to the team came on the score of 3 runs. After that there was no major partnership in the top-middle order. Adarsh ​​stood at one end, but was out under the pressure of the wicket. After that Murugan Abhishek played some big shots, but by then it was too late. 7 Indian batsmen could not even touch double figures.
  • Strike bowler not given bowling in powerplay – The Indian team did not bowl to specialist bowler Naman Tiwari in the powerplay. Taking advantage of this, Australia lost only 1 wicket in the first 10 overs and took hold. Naman is a powerplay specialist bowler, he has 12 wickets in a total of 6 matches in this World Cup.
  • Failed to stop lower order batsmen- Indian bowlers completely failed to stop the lower order batsmen. Despite Harjas' wicket falling in the 38th over, Oliver Peak added 46 runs in the end. With this, Australia made a big score.

Australia's team effort in batting
The Australian team showed team effort in batting. Sam Constas, who came to open, was out after scoring 0 runs. From here, Hugh Wiebgen came at number three and made a partnership of 78 runs with Harry Dixon. Wiebzen was out after scoring 48 runs and Dixon was out after scoring 42 runs. Harjas Singh, who landed at number four, lasted for a long time. He made a partnership of 66 runs with Ryan Hicks. Hicks was out after scoring 20 runs. Harjas completed his half-century after Hicks was out. Adarsh ​​Singh was also out after scoring 47 runs.

Oliver Peak's innings boosted
Oliver Peak came in after Australia had lost 5 wickets. He played an unbeaten inning of 46 runs in the death overs. Apart from them, Raf McMillan was out after scoring 2 runs and Charlie Anderson was out after scoring 13 runs. Tom Straker remained unbeaten with Peak scoring 8 runs at the crease. Oliver Peak hit a four on the last ball of the 50th over, taking the team's score to 253 runs. Australia made the highest score in the Under-19 World Cup final.

Limbani got 3 wickets
Raj Limbani got 3 wickets for India. He walked Constance, Hicks and Anderson. Apart from him, Naman Tiwari got 2 wickets. Whereas, Soumya Pandey and Musheer Khan got 1 success each.

India's wickets scattered
The top order of the Indian team, which came to chase the huge score of 254 runs given by Australia, was completely disintegrated. Only Adarsh ​​Singh played a decent innings. Apart from them, Arshin Kulkarni who came to open was out after scoring 3 runs, Musheer Khan was out after scoring 22 runs, Captain Saharan was out after scoring 8 runs, Sachin Dhaas was out after scoring 9 runs and Priyanshu Molia was out after scoring 9 runs. Araveli Avneesh, who came after Moliya in the 25th over, was out after scoring 0 runs on the third ball of the 26th over. Australia completely controlled the game from here.

The biggest partnership of the innings between Naman and Abhishek
For India, the biggest partnership of the Indian innings was between lower order batsmen Naman Tiwari and Abhishek. Both of them added 46 runs for the 9th wicket. Abhishek was out after scoring 42 runs. Whereas, Naman remained unbeaten on 14 runs. Raj Limbani was out on 0 runs. At the same time, Australia won the World Cup with the wicket of Soumya Pandey.

Spin-pace pair of Beardman-McMillan performed brilliantly
Australia's pair of pacer Mahli Beardman and spinner Raf McMillan took 3 wickets each. Beardman took important wickets of Musheer, Adarsh ​​and Saharan. At the same time, MacMillan released Dhas, Avneesh and Limbani. Apart from these two, Callum Vidler got 2 wickets. Whereas, Charlie Anderson and Tom Straker got 1-1 success.

Australia's fourth World Cup
Australia won its first Under-19 World Cup since 2010 and fourth overall. Before 2024, Australia had lifted the World Cup in the years 1988, 2002 and 2010. At the same time, India lost the final for the fourth time. Earlier, 5-time winner India lost in the final in 2006, 2016 and 2020.

Playing eleven of both the teams
India: Uday Saharan (captain),
Adarsh ​​Singh, Arshin Kulkarni, Musheer Khan, Priyanshu Moliya, Sachin Dhaas, Araveli Avneesh (wicketkeeper), Murugan Abhishek, Naman Tiwari, Raj Limbani and Soumya Pandey.
Australia: Hugh Wiebgen (captain), Sam Constance, Harry Dixon, Harjas Singh, Ryan Hicks (wk), Oliver Peak, Raf McMillan, Charlie Anderson, Tom Straker, Mahli Beardman and Callum Vidler.

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