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Indian Woman Talks About ‘Dream’ of Leaving Her Home Country, Gets Slammed – News18

Indian Woman Talks About The ‘Dream’ of Leaving Her Home Country. (Image: Twitter/@desimojito)

A video which is currently going viral features an Indian woman, now living in Canada, talking about her ‘dream’ to move abroad.

For many people, it is a dream to settle abroad. People would spend years and years studying for an exam or trying to crack an interview, just to move abroad and start afresh. Now, a Twitter video which is currently going viral features an Indian woman who is now living in Canada. The woman talks about how it was her ‘dream’ to move out from her home country. Ekta was asked what is her favourite thing about Canada to which she responds, “You can just walk around and you can just see the scenery, and you can see the sunrise and sunset. That’s my favourite part.”

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Ekta’s opinion did not sit well with a lot of people online. She is being slammed on social media by a major chunk of people on Twitter.

Here, have a look at the viral video:

“Ekta, nature and its beauty are hamare desh ki visheshta. Why do people feel they’re so elite just because they went abroad for studies or job? Top Global Institutes don’t have even 1% of the competition that top Indian Colleges have. While I appreciate the fact that you’re in Canada or US for your studies, always mention to folks that you couldn’t make it to good colleges here and hence your rich dad asked you to go outside,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person mentioned, “Next time you want to see real sunrise and sunset, book a flight to Kanedda. Its direct view from there. What Indians are seeing from ages is AI developed images.”

Here are a few responses:

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