India’s pandemonium

There was a time when opening up the newspaper and devouring news was a daily affair. The delectable mix of local, domestic, international news along with sports, climate, and of course, R K Laxman’s epic cartoon depiction, collectively piqued every reader’s interest. It was responsible and ethical reporting..

At some level, it still may hold true but in my opinion what lacks greatly is substantial topics.  A lot of India is star struck – this is a known fact. A lot of India depends on hear-say for news and current trends – this is a proven fact and, most of India relies on media for its accurate credible information; print and electronic both.

Having the edge of being literate, it is of great concern to hear about the inconsequential news that is passed on. Bollywood is currently reeling under substance abuse. It is morally wrong to indulge in drugs, and of course illegal too… but it definitely does not deserve the front page attention it has been getting. Owning to its grand spectacle, this seems to be the highlight of every news channel and finds its way trickling down to every strata of society.

Wherein we need reports on fiscal deficits and economic growth, we are bombarded with fake TRP ratings, star gossip and character assassinations..

Obama said it best – Character matters! In the end, the people we elect all have a classic history of crime. It is easy to generalise here because they classify into a majority. They are the ones the 130 crore population looks upto for credible information but sadly get it in a negligible distribution.

This pandemic has caused a pandemonium of sorts.. it is a chaos of unemployment, heinous crimes, lack of apathy to its women, mental and physical depression to name a few.. There is a plethora of issues that need to be dealt with on priority and the need of the hour is sensible intelligent reporting. To be able to reach every and each Indian citizen, there has got to be a way to bring out the real bare facts, without misguiding and keeping the country preoccupied with the glitz and glamour.

I live in a city, that is considered to be India’s educational hub.. But I am denied the basic privileges that I should and deserve to get, and – I pay my taxes.. I can’t sleep at night as the city decides to work on its infrastructure all through the darkness. I can’t put my trash out as there is no responsibility in collecting it anymore. I can’t voice my complaints as the council of ministers are too busy having their masala chai and samosas behind closed doors, in the guise of a corona meeting which of course, is worthy of being the headline today!

To hear the voice of India, it is its ordinary citizens that need to be heard. Maybe then, the wave of change will begin.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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