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IndiGo Passenger Reveals Group of 'Professionals' Made Air Hostess Fasten Seatbelt for 'Bet' – News18

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IndiGo passenger recounts a group of educated people trying to misbehave with an air hostess, Reddit post goes viral.

A Reddit post recently shed light on how they encountered a group of people on an IndiGo flight who misbehaved with the air hostess just to have fun. The Reddit user who goes by @britolaf, shared the post under ‘India’ subreddit, revealing how they were seated ahead of a group of youngsters. “I was a solo traveller and just behind were a group of 12-15 youngsters. Seems like they are all working in the same company and they came here for a colleague’s wedding. The group had 3 ladies,” they detailed.

The post continued to narrate how this group of supposedly educated professionals attempted to cause trouble for the flight attendant, making inappropriate comments towards her and challenging one person to persuade her to fasten their seatbelt for them. “Once they sat, one guy said he could get the air hostess to buckle his friend up. Then he accepts the challenge and calls the air hostess and tells her “The buckle isn’t working properly. Can you help?”. She politely buckles his seat which had no issues,” recounted the OP.

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As the post progressed, the user expressed disappointment as the group cheered for the individual who had the flight attendant buckle their seatbelt. “When she goes away they cheer for him and that shockingly included the ladies who were travelling in that group. They were calling some of them “Sir”, which means some senior in the company. Not a single person in the group objected and even the women found it funny to degrade the air hostess,” they lamented.

Subsequently, the post delved into broader societal issues, with the caption, “Incident on Indigo airlines yesterday just confirms how unsafe India is for women,” prompting discussion on a recent case where a Spanish woman touring India with her husband was attacked and gang-raped in Jharkhand.

Reflecting on their inaction during the incident, the user regretted not speaking up, acknowledging their complicity as a silent bystander. “I wish I had some sense and guts to stand up and stop it,” the post ended.

Here’s the Viral Post:

The post garnered significant attention, with public comments condemning the behaviour. “This is why group-ism is a big problem in our country. Doesn’t matter whether the group of individuals are educated or not. I’ve seen some doing such low level activities only when they are in a group. They indulge in such activities even when they are sober,” remarked one user.

Another shared, “Unfortunately I had similar incident in an international Indigo flight. I was travelling from Almaty (Kazakhstan) to Delhi and a group of 10-12 boys and 2-3 girls (looked like medical students) were creating a scene right from the waiting area. Using foul language, commenting on passengers and cabin crew, breaking queue, pushing into girls on purpose, the entire scene was so uncomfortable and unbelievable that most people were just dumbfounded,” shared another.

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Truly, it’s high time for Indians to realise that not everyone who is meant to assist them is their servant!

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