Information given about women’s rights, said- education is the only support to make women equal to men | Information given about women’s rights, said- education is the only support to make women equal to men

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Organized Legal Services Literacy Camp in Shravasti

In Shravasti, under the aegis of the District Legal Services Authority, a free legal service literacy camp was organized in the village Lalpur Kushamhwa to commemorate women empowerment. Where free legal aid, information about women’s rights and other laws were provided. On the other hand, Mrityunjay Srivastava, Secretary, District Legal Services Authority told that educating a woman means educating a family.

The dominance of men is ending in the country

Gender inequality is the main social issue in India in which women are falling behind in the male dominated country. Women empowerment needs to be accelerated to bring men and women on par. The disparity between women and men gives rise to many problems which can come in the form of a big obstacle in the development of the nation. It is a birthright that they should get equal respect as men in the society. If the sanskars, education and initiation etc. of a woman or a mother or a housewife are not good, then how can she give the best members to the society and the nation.

It is necessary for the society to be healthy for the woman.

For the society, it is necessary for the woman to be healthy, happy, educated, intelligent, tactful, intelligent and that is possible only through education. The purpose of District Legal Services Authority Shravasti is that education is helpful in the empowerment of women or what is the importance of education. Empowerment of women is possible only through education. Therefore, in the present study, an attempt was made to understand what are the obstacles due to which women are not able to get education. Gender discrimination, family traditions, stigma, child, poverty etc. are barriers in women’s education. She will acquire the analytical skills necessary to understand the realities of the rapidly changing world which will give her the confidence and strength to resist humiliating and human conditions. .

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