Inspector JN Singh had forced reconciliation, if elder brother was not found, then younger brother Ankur was murdered. , Inspector JN Singh had forced reconciliation, if the elder brother was not found, then the younger brother Ankur was murdered.

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If Inspector JN Singh, accused of Manish murder case, had not forcibly reconciled the matter, perhaps student Ankur Shukla would not have been murdered today.

A new revelation has come to light in the case of lynching of a young man in an old rivalry in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. If Inspector JN Singh, accused of Manish murder case 5 months ago, had not forcibly reconciled between the two sides in this case and had taken action, then perhaps student Ankur Shukla would not have been murdered today. The victim’s family alleges that under the pressure of political people, the then Inspector JN Singh not only put pressure on the victim’s family in this case on July 6, but also extorted money in the name of reconciliation.

14 Janu was caught stealing Awadhesh
Rahul Shukla, brother of the deceased Ankur, told that on the night of June 14, a young man named Awadhesh Sahni of Rampur’s residence village in Ramgarhtal area, entered with some people with the intention of stealing. When caught, the family members beat him up and left him. According to Rahul, the next morning more than a dozen people of the village climbed up and started a ruckus. After this the matter reached the police.

Instead of taking action, the police kept threatening the victim side only.
Rahul told that from the police station to the SSP and the DIG, applications were given in this matter, but no action was taken. Rather, because the entire village is Nishad majority, some political people started pressurizing the police. It is alleged that after this, on the contrary, the police started threatening the victim’s family that you had beaten the young man and threw him in Ramgarhtal. Action will be taken on this.

Rahul lives with a rented room due to fear of bullies
According to Rahul, due to increasing pressure, he not only had to compromise in this matter due to compulsion, but also had to pay 32 thousand rupees from his pocket. Since then, the pressure of the accused side of the village started increasing on the victim’s family. Out of fear, Rahul left Rampur village and took a rented room in Buddha Vihar and started living there with his wife and children. While the parents and two younger brothers were staying at the village itself. Rahul alleges that the youth of the village were constantly looking for him, but due to his absence in the village, in the meantime, his younger brother Ankur was found by them on Wednesday. Who was brutally beaten to death.

What is the whole matter?
In fact, on Wednesday afternoon, in Rampur of Ramgarhtal area, a young man was brutally beaten to death in an old enmity. The family took the teenager to the district hospital. Where the doctors declared him dead.

Mahendra Shukla, resident of Narre Khurd village of Gagaha area, lives with his family after constructing a house in Rampur of Ramgarhtal. He maintains the family by worshiping. He had 3 sons Rahul Shukla, Anjaneya Shukla and the youngest Ankur Shukla. Ankur, who was a student of class 11, left the house in the afternoon after asking his parents to go for a haircut. The parents were alone at home. In the evening, a person from the mobile village of elder brother Rahul got a call. He told that his younger brother is lying in critical condition near Dharmendra Sahni’s house in the village.

The family had blocked the road by keeping the dead body
After this, after the post-mortem on Thursday, when the body of the youth was handed over to the family, they blocked the road by keeping the body on Deoria bypass. During this, there was a scuffle between the aggrieved party and the police administration. Finally, after getting assurance of arrest of the accused within 48 hours, the matter was settled.

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