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Apr 03, 2021, 04:30AM ISTSource: ANI

After the success of Reels, Instagram has launched another TikTok inspired feature on its platform called ‘Remix for Reels’. It works like TikTok duet where it enables users to answer to a reel or be the other voice to the reel or remake the reel made viral by someone by paring it on one side and the new, remixed video on the other side. Instagram said that it has been beta-testing the feature before launching it recently. The feature has been rolled out globally for all users. ‘Now you can use the Remix feature in Reels to create your own reel next to one that already exists. Whether you’re capturing your reaction, responding to friends or bringing your own magic to trends, Remix is another way to collab on Instagram,’ said Instagram’s Twitter post. The new Reels feature will be enabled by default for every new reel a user tries to make. To remix their old reels, the user has to enable the feature manually. To use the feature tap on the three-dot menu and select ‘enable remixing.’ To remix an old reel, the user has to click on the three-dot on the select ëRemix this Reel.í Here New video screen will appear adjacent to the existing reel. The right side will show the new video. The users can select the new video or shoot again a fresh one as per their choice. There are editing options available as well for remixing a reel like adding effects, timer and adding audio etc. Since this will be present as a default option, if a user doesn’t want to use the remix option then they can disable it by going to Settings, then Privacy, reels and finally there is an option ‘Enable Remixing’. They just have to turn off the toggle.


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