Instructions given to ensure better sanitation in urban areas in Amethi, dense plantation done on vacant land. Instructions given to ensure better sanitation in urban areas in Amethi, dense plantation done on vacant land

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Minister, Urban Development, Urban, Overall Development, Urban Employment and Poverty Alleviation, Energy and Additional Energy Resources Department, Uttar Pradesh AK Sharma, during his two-day district visit today, on the first day in the evening Collectorate auditorium along with the executive officers of Sultanpur and Amethi districts in urban areas. Held a meeting regarding better cleanliness, tree plantation and other arrangements and gave necessary instructions to the concerned officers.

During the meeting, the Minister said that better sanitation should be ensured in all wards of all municipal bodies, door to door garbage collection should be promoted, shopkeepers should be motivated to keep dustbins in front of shops, machines for cleaning The equipments etc. which have been procured should be used regularly. The machines should not come in a standing position anywhere, better cleanliness should be ensured everywhere, as well as adequate arrangements for waste disposal should be ensured, wherever garbage is not visible anywhere. Adequate cleanliness should be ensured in community toilets to prevent illegal slaughterhouses from operating anywhere in urban areas.

In the meeting, he took information from all the executive officers about the status of cleanliness in all the wards of the urban bodies. He said that the drains and drains should be cleaned before the rains, so that the situation of water logging does not arise anywhere during the rains. The Minister directed to do dense plantation on vacant land in urban areas. He said that the lands which are lying vacant or which are encroached inside the urban bodies should be developed in the form of gardens and ponds should be developed under the Amrit Sarovar scheme by making them encroachment free. In the meeting, the Minister inquired about the progress of the Prime Minister’s Street Vendor Scheme and directed the concerned officers to improve the progress.

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