Instructions given to officials for recovery of RC in Azamgarh. Azamgarh DM reviewed revenue works

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DM Vishal Bhardwaj held a review meeting of revenue works with officials late night.

In Azamgarh, DM Vishal Bhardwaj reviewed the revenue works late at night. DM said that recovery of electricity dues, bank dues, commercial tax and 100 percent revenue recovery from rice mills should be ensured. Refund immediately in case of non-realizable RC.

All Deputy District Magistrates should ensure recovery by taking personal interest in top 10 RCs. Along with this, make sure to pay the admissible amount to the people affected by the natural calamity within the prescribed time limit.

The DM instructed all the SDMs to maintain a register of reports sought from the High Court and review every week how many reports were sought and how many were answered.

Tax and non-tax revenue collection was also reviewed by the DM. In which a total of 743 cases of excise department, 534 of transport, 223 of mining and 168 cases of commercial tax were caught for tax evasion.

In which FIR action is not being taken in the said cases by the concerned departments. The DM instructed the concerned officers that in whatever case of tax evasion is caught, they should file a case and get it recovered as per the rules.

Instructions for marking sensitive places

DM Vishal Bhardwaj, while reviewing the preparations for the UP Board Exam, said that all the SDMs should test the fixed points according to the standard at the board examination centers. Be sure to observe during the examination paying special attention to the feedback of the examination centers set for the board examination.

Along with this, keeping a special eye on schools of bad image, it should be ensured that copying is stopped. In view of the upcoming Holi festival, the DM should prepare a list by marking the sensitive, disputed places for 5 years. Along with this, hold a peace committee meeting and conduct the festival in a peaceful manner. ADM Administration Anil Kumar Mishra and ADM Finance Azad Bhagat Singh were present in this meeting.

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