Intensive inspection of sweet shops Intensive inspection of sweet shops

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Food safety team officials checking sweet shops.

In Deoria, the Food Safety and Drug Administration team under the leadership of Assistant Commissioner Food inspected all the sweet shops from the city’s bus stand to Bhatwalia intersection to protect the general public from infectious diseases during the rainy season. During this, about one quintal of sweets were destroyed when they were found to be contaminated and not edible.

Let’s tell what is the matter

In view of the upcoming festivals and rainy season, the team of Food and Drug Administration Department conducted a thorough inspection of sweet shops on Monday. During this, sweet shops were checked from Roadways Bus Stand to Bhatwalia Taxi Stand. Samples of sweets were taken from all the shops. The shops whose sweets were prima facie not good were destroyed on the spot. The cost of destroyed sweets is around Rs 25,000.

Bad sweets sent by garbage cart

The team of Food and Drug Administration destroyed the sweets recovered during the investigation by throwing them in the garbage from the garbage cart of the municipality.

What did the Assistant Commissioner Food say?

Assistant Commissioner Food and Drug Administration Ramesh Chandra Pandey destroyed all the sweet sellers of Boondi laddus, milk cakes and other sweets which were foul smelling and not edible. He gave a stern warning that legal action would be taken if irregularities are found again in the inspection.

be involved

Chief Security Officer Shivendra Gupta, Food Safety Officer Sandeep Srivastava, Food Assistant Ram Bharat and employees of Nagar Palika Parishad were involved in the investigation of sweet shops.

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