Interesting reveal of Sajid Khan: Salman Khan stole the dance steps of ‘Dabangg’ from an uncle dancing in marriage

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8 minutes agoAuthor: Kiran Jain

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The grand premiere episode of ‘Indian Pro Music League’ was shot recently. Which also included many well-known faces of Bollywood industry like Salman Khan, Sajid Khan, Micah Singh, Javed Ali, Neha Bhasin, Shaan, Kailash Kher etc. Everyone uncovered some interesting secrets about each other during the shoot. When Micah Singh narrated some stories and told that Salman is the biggest naughty, Sajid Khan also revealed a secret that this superstar stole the hook step of the movie ‘Dabangg’ from an uncle in his relative’s wedding.

Sajid revealed the secret of the hook step of the movie Dabangg

Captain Sajid Khan of Delhi Jammers said, “Salman, I and some friends went to a relative’s wedding where we first arrived together as a baraati. There we were dancing on the road with the baraat and at that time there A lot of crowd gathered, so Mathur Uncle started doing a step to remove him in which he was turning his wrists. After that we saw another uncle and he also had a step which he always with his belt Salman Bhai immediately told him, “Uncle your step is gone.” He combined these two ideas and made a famous hook step in the movie ‘Dabangg’. On the other hand, Uncle continues to say that Salman stole his step. “

The show will premiere from 26 January

We have seen many league competitions in the sports world. At the same time, in this unique music league, 6 teams from different regions of India will be competing in a musical championship. Each of these teams will be supported by well-known celebrities of Bollywood and sports world and will have top playback singers as Captains. Apart from this, a reality show star and a new voice will also be included in each team. The show will premiere from 26 January.


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