Interlocking, rigging in drain construction, Principal, Secretary and JE found guilty. Interlocking, rigging in drain construction, Principal, Secretary and JE found guilty

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After the complaint in Unnao, a two-member investigation team constituted by the DM has found a scam of Rs 13.92 lakh. The investigating officer had sent a report to the DM considering the principal, secretary and RED JE guilty. On this, the DM has issued a show cause notice to Pradhan Chandrapal.

Reply has been sought in a fortnight before action. In the investigation, it was found that by dividing the work already done separately and showing the construction of interlocking and drain, Rs 414702 and contrary to the mandate, 107 m. 9.79 lakh was misused by dividing the work into five pieces. In which the matter of irregular payment of total 13.92 lakh came to the fore. In case of non-receipt of satisfactory reply, the rights of the Principal will be forfeited.

Complaint letter was given to DM
On May 16, Shailendra Singh, Lallan and Ramdutt, residents of Targaon, gave a complaint letter to the DM. In which there was an allegation of embezzlement of government funds in the development works done in the Gram Panchayat. The DM had constituted a two-member investigation team. Yashwant Singh, Project Director of District Rural Development Agency and Rakhi Dwivedi, Junior Engineer of RED Bichiya were included in the team.

Fake payment in construction work
On July 15, the project director went to the village to investigate. The work of interlocking and drain construction at Majra Pakra of Targaon was done by the former head. Later, the construction of the same work was divided into two parts and a fake payment of Rs 413702 was made. During investigation, it was learned that Rs 9.79 lakh was spent by dividing the length of 107 meters work from Ramchandra’s house to the temple into five pieces.

Instructions for action on Secretary and RED JE
In the case, along with Pradhan, Village Development Officer Dilip Kumar Bhartiya and Under Engineer RED Rakhi Dwivedi have also been found guilty. In the total scam of 13.92 lakh, one third each have been found guilty of misappropriation of the amount of 4.64 lakh. DM Apoorva Dubey has instructed the District Development Officer to send a notice to Secretary Dilip Kumar Bhartiya. Along with this, action will be taken against XEN RED Junior Engineer.

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