Intermittent fasting for women: Things to know | The Times of India

Intermittent fasting has gained immense popularity over the past few months. People who have tried it claim that the diet has not just helped them with weight loss but has also helped in managing blood sugar levels.

But fasting has a different set of benefits and drawbacks for both men and women.

Intermittent fasting is an umbrella term that is used for several eating plans that alternate between periods of eating and fasting. The diet is focused on when to eat and not on what to eat.

The diet restricts your eating to a certain window of time each day. The most popular intermittent fasting method is 16:8, where you fast from 16 hours, usually from night until noon next day.

The benefits of Intermittent fasting depends on the type of fast you are following, its duration and maybe even your gender.

Here is how Intermittent fasting can have different results for men and women.


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