International Mother Language Day 2021: UNESCO started this day in November 1999, this change will be done in the country to maintain the mother tongue’s existence

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  • UNESCO Started This Day In November 1999, This Change Will Be Done In The Country To Maintain The Existence Of Mother Tongue

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Today, International Mother Language Day is being celebrated all over the world. But when did it start? What was the motive behind celebrating it? UNESCO decided to celebrate the international mother tongue in November 1999, since then it is celebrated every year on 21 February. In fact, to pay tribute to the youth martyred in the linguistic movement, UNESCO decided to celebrate International Mother Language Day at the General Conference in November 1999.

What is linguistic movement?

On 21 February 1952, students and social workers of Dhaka University opposed the linguistic policy of the then Pakistan government. This performance was meant to maintain the existence of their mother tongue. The protesters were giving official status to the Bangla language, in return for which Pakistani police opened fire on the protesters. But in the end, the government had to give official status to Bangla language due to the continuous protests.

Why was the date of February 21 chosen

In order to pay tribute to the martyred youth in this movement for maintaining the existence of mother tongue, UNESCO decided to celebrate International Mother Language Day on November 1999 and the date of February 21 was fixed for it. After which, International Mother Language Day is observed on 21 February every year worldwide. The theme of this year’s International Mother Language Day has been to “promote multilingualism for inclusion in education and society”.

Indian students will study in mother tongue

The Government of India is also taking several steps to save the existence of mother tongue. In this sequence, many important decisions have been taken in the mother tongue in the new education policy that came after 34 years. Under this, the country will now be taught in the mother tongue from the next semester. Under the new education policy 2020, academic year 2021 will be compulsory in schools up to the fifth grade and if the state wishes, it will be able to study in its mother tongue till the eighth grade.

IIT-NIT will study in mother tongue

Not only this, in select IITs and NITs, students will get the opportunity to study BTech program in their mother tongue. Apart from this, plans are also being made to get medical education done in mother tongue. UNESCO has also agreed that the primary education should be in the mother tongue. Due to this provision has been made in the new education policy.

Government is taking initiative to protect languages

To protect Indian languages ​​from extinction in order to propagate and protect the mother tongue, special provision has been made in the Union Budget 2021 for their preservation and translation. For this, centers will be built in many cities of the country. In addition to 22 Indian languages, work will be done on research and identification of regional and extinct languages.
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