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Interview of Akash Deep selected in Team India: There was neither a field nor turf in that village of Bihar; Didn't even see the red ball

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The Indian team has been announced on Saturday for the last 3 test matches against England. Akash Deep, resident of Sasaram in Rohtas district of Bihar, is a new face. He is in the team with Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammad Siraj, Mukesh Kumar.

27 year old Akash Deep has been selected in the Indian Test team for the first time. Earlier, he was selected in the Indian ODI team that went on South Africa tour, but he could not debut. He is expected to get his debut cap against England. After selection in the team, Akash Deep had a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar…

Lost brother also within 6 months after father's death
The journey of Akash Deep, who reached Team India from a small village in Bihar, was not easy. He lost his father at the age of 16. Within 6 months his brother also died.

After losing his father and brother, Akash moved to Delhi with his sister and started his cricket career. Then played club cricket in Bengal. Later he also represented Bengal in domestic cricket. To pursue a career in cricket, Akash not only had to leave his family but also the state. Due to the ban on Bihar Cricket Association, he had to go to Bengal.

Akash Deep's answer to Bhaskar's question…

Question: It is a big thing to reach the Indian team from Sasaram in Bihar. What challenges did you face in this journey?
At that time there was no cricket here. There was neither a field nor a turf wicket. We had not even seen the red ball. Due to father's illness we were not able to go out. Six months after father's death, brother also left. After the death of father and brother, elder sister came home. She took me with her to Delhi. There he started playing cricket to escape from sadness. After two-three months of practice, the rainy season arrived. In such a situation, on the invitation of a friend, I went to Bengal to give the division trials.

There the coach of United Club gave me a chance in a match. After the performance, my name also came in the Under-23 team, but due to injury I could not play the match that year. Even after this, I was kept with the team and I did rehab in Bengaluru. After treatment, I kept performing and getting opportunities.

Question: How did you motivate yourself?
I had nothing to lose. I had already lost my father and brother. The condition of the house was also bad. In such a situation, there was everything to gain, nothing to lose. Kept working hard with this motivation.

Question: Your name was in the ODI team for the South Africa tour, but you did not get the debut cap. What to expect now?
I have been a part of the IPL team for 3-4 years. There is something to be learned from every dressing room about how to handle pressure. I hope to get a debut cap. If the team management decides to play me a match, I will do what I have been doing. I will try my best to perform for the team.

Question: Whom do you consider to be the biggest challenge in England's batting order and whose wicket would you like to take?
I have no dream of taking the wicket of any particular batsman. I want to contribute to the team's victory. I will get satisfaction only when I contribute to the team's victory. After taking a wicket, if I do not contribute to the victory, then that wicket has no meaning. Whatever role of mine will be decided. I will try to fulfill it well.

Question: For RCB, you have bowled with bowlers like Alzarri Joseph and Loki Ferguson. How much benefit will you get from it?
As a fast bowler you learn from everyone, but you have to know your game. Alzarri Joseph is a different bowler and Lockie Ferguson is a different bowler. In such a situation, we should know how much we can improve ourselves. We can talk about someone's mindset, but we should know what our strengths are. It depends on you how much better you do.

Question: Will bowl with Bumrah-Siraj. In such a situation, what will be your bowling strategy? Is there any pressure?
Yes, there can be some pressure. Pressure improves the game. However, there is nothing like that right now. I have been playing cricket for so long, so I will keep doing what I have been doing. Whatever is my strength, I will do the same in future also.

Question: Whom do you consider as your ideal?
answer :
Sachin Tendulkar.

Question: How much contribution has Saurasish sir made in improving your bowling?
Sir had an important contribution. There will be many players like me in India, but they are not getting opportunities. Saurasish Lahiri sir gave me this opportunity. What can be a bigger contribution than this in life? They brought us on a track, like a train is brought on a track.

Question: You have been organizing cricket competitions in the village for the last 5-6 years. How did the idea of ​​organizing the tournament come about?
I didn't get the chance in time. In such a situation, I want that our talents should get full opportunity. If this happens then it will be a matter of satisfaction for me. I want to help such children who are unable to go out due to financial problems. If they get further opportunities from my tournament, it will be a big thing for me.

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The Indian team has been announced for the last 3 test matches against England. Akashdeep, resident of Sasaram in Rohtash district of Bihar, is a new face. He is in the team with Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammad Siraj, Mukesh Kumar. full news

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