Intimidation games: How I ended up with asparagus cookies and a year’s supply of pickled onions with courgettes

Was asked on a radio show what sort of person intimidates me. Easy enough. People who know their wines and sip from goblets and talk about the undertones of liquorice and the subtle taste of blueberries with a hint of chocolate and the smooth aftertaste of honey. Who the heck knows what liquorice tastes like and I wouldn’t know a blueberry from a black berry or a red one if it smacked me in the face. For most of us it is red or white and sweet or not sweet and nothing makes me feel more guilty and ‘imposterish’ than having a supercilious sommelier or dining partner doing that swish swish swirl in the mouth thing and he gives it to you and you nod wisely as if you were Plato and Socrates combined and pass the wine with an A+ and 5 stars and maybe it was plonk.

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