Investing in an unofficial religion: Cricket

There are bonds in this world that cannot be severed. Bonds of friendship formed between a child and their dog, bonds of blood formed in the field of battle, or bonds of faith & loyalty formed between a sports fan and their team.

It has been said that cricket is Indiaโ€™s unofficial religion, akin to football in Europe. In fact, cricket is so big in India alone, that over one billion active and passionate fans have helped launch it into becoming the worldโ€™s second-largest sport in terms of fan-base (about 2.5 billion as of January 2021).

This is why we, Brand Capital International, are thrilled to announce our $4.5 Mn seed+ investment in US-based CricClubs: the comprehensive league management platform established to revolutionize the way cricket is organized, played, and experienced. Read more about our investment here.

I had the opportunity to first meet the co-founding team โ€“ Ganesh Nallapareddy, CEO; and Visweswara (โ€˜Vissuโ€™) Kottapalli, President โ€“ at Startup Grind in the pre-COVID world of 2019 (feels like a lifetime ago). Back then, I was a lowly, but handsome analyst on the hunt for the next big thing. As I waded through the non-socially distanced crowd of entrepreneurs, investors, and mouth-breathers, I noticed two sharply dressed entrepreneurs standing proudly at their booth, engaging with an excited, diverse group of Australians, Brits, Kiwis, Indians, and more. Curious, I walked over to investigate.

It didnโ€™t take long before I realized I had found something big. As I talked with Ganesh and Vissu, I was impressed by their knowledge of the sport and overall industry, the smooth demonstration of all their platformโ€™s various features, and was taken aback by the impressive level of global traction they achieved as a young startup in a relatively short period of time. Furthermore, I was energized after hearing about their larger vision for the company; not just in terms of expanding their product suite โ€“ such as with their recent launch of CC Fantasy โ€“ but also with the eventual goal to expand their platform into other sports as well, like soccer (a $25.5 Bn dollar market with over 3,500,000 billion global fans).

When CricClubs learned that I work for Brand Capital International โ€“ the strategic investment arm of The Times Group โ€“ the stars aligned, our partnership was born, and the rest is history. Congratulations Ganesh and Vissu, we honored and thrilled to be part of your journey. Please remember me when you get to the top!

For more on Brand Capital International, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. For CricClubs, follow them on Twitter, download their app on iOS and/or Android, as well as their fantasy cricket app here. For more on me, check out my Twitter and LinkedIn.



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