IPL Media Rights Auction From Today: Tough Competition Between Viacom 18 And Star, Board Expects To Get Rs 45 To 50 Thousand Crores

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  • Tough Competition Between Viacom 18 And Star For IPL Media Rights BCCI Is Expected To Get Rs 45 To 50 Thousand Crores

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The auction of media rights for the next five seasons (2023 to 2027) of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is starting from Sunday. The process of e-auction will start at 11 am. For the first time, bidding is going on for media rights. The Board of Cricket in India (BCCI) has not fixed any deadline for the auction to end. Therefore, it is possible that it may take more than one day for the winning company to be announced.

Bidding will be done for four different packages

  • The first package includes TV rights from the Indian subcontinent. That is, the company that acquires it will broadcast the league on TV in countries of South Asia including India. The base price of a match in this package is Rs 49 crores.
  • The second package is of digital rights in the Indian subcontinent. The acquiring company will broadcast the league on a digital platform in South Asia. The base price of a match is Rs 33 crore.
  • The third package includes digital rights for 18 selected matches. These include the first match of the season, the evening match and four playoff matches in each double header to be held on the weekend. The base price of a match is Rs 11 crore.
  • The fourth package includes TV and digital broadcast rights from outside the Indian subcontinent. The base price of a match is Rs 3 crore.

The combined base price of all the four packages is Rs 32,890 crore.
If the base price of the four packages is added up, then the combined base price of 370 matches to be played in 5 years is Rs 32,890 crore. Last time (2018 to 2022) media rights were sold for Rs 16,347 crore. That is, if media rights are sold this time at the base price itself, then BCCI is sure to get double the amount as compared to last time.

BCCI expected to get Rs 45 to 50 thousand crores
The Indian Cricket Board expects that this time it can get 45 to 50 thousand crores from the auction of media rights. Some experts are also talking about 60 thousand crore rupees.

Tough competition between Reliance and Star for the first and second packages
Although 8 companies are in the competition in the auction, a tough competition is expected between Mukesh Ambani’s Viacom18 and Star for TV and digital rights (1st and 2nd package) in the Indian subcontinent. Sony is also entering the auction, but the way the company has objected to the higher base price, it is less likely that it will do aggressive bidding.

  • Times Internet, Fun Asia and Dream11 can only bid for the digital rights of the Indian subcontinent (the second package).
  • Sky Sports and Super Sports will focus on buying the rights (4th package) for the overseas market.

Bid will have to be done for each package separately
When the TV rights were sold in 2017, companies had the option of filing a composite claim. That is, companies could simultaneously bid for TV and digital. Then Facebook offered Rs 3900 crore for digital rights. Star had offered a lesser amount for Digital but got the rights. This was because Star had offered a higher amount under the composite claim for TV and digital.

There is no option to submit composite claim this time. If a company wants to get more than one package, it will have to bid for different packages.

Starting with the first and second packages
The bidding process will take place with the first and second packages. Companies will have to bid per match for both the packages. After the completion of their auction, bidding will be done for the third and fourth packages. The company winning the first package will have a chance to challenge the highest bidder for the second package. Similarly, the company winning the second package will have a chance to challenge the highest bidder for the third package.

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