IPS FIR filed against five people including IPS Ajay Pal and Himanshu Kumar | After the FIR, vigilance investigation against five people including IPS Ajaypal and Himanshu Kumar, the government allowed action

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The government registered a case late night against two IPS officers Himanshu Kumar (left) and IPS Ajaypal Sharma (right) in the transfer-posting case.

  • Vigilance Meerut lodges FIR after getting permission from the government
  • Serious allegations of corruption in transfer-posting case, many brokers also named

FIRs have been registered on five including IPS Ajay Pal Sharma and Himanshu Kumar, who are considered encounter specialists. After getting the permission of the government, Vigilance has registered an FIR in the sections of the Prevention of Corruption Act on both IPS officers after receiving proof of money transaction in transfer-posting. The then SSP of Noida, Vaibhav Krishna, complained to the government and the DGP against them.

On the government’s directive, Vigilance’s open investigation found the charges against both of them to be correct, after which permission was sought to register an FIR. Earlier, SIT was constituted to investigate this case. This team had also confirmed the corruption charges against both IPS in its investigation.

After the approval of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, in addition to both IPS in the Meerut sector of Vigilance, three brokers have also been named in the FIR. The alleged journalists include Chandan Rai, Swapnil Rai and Atul Shukla.

Three journalists were also named in the case

Separate cases have been registered against both the officers under Section 8 of the Prevention of Corruption Act. All three journalists are also nominated. The three are accused of inducing a government official to corruption and conspiring. The trio was arrested by the Noida police after registering a case under serious sections and also under the Gangster Act.

The then SSP Noida Vaibhav Krishna had exposed this gang for posting. He made sensational allegations against five IPS officers including Ajay Pal Sharma and Himanshu Kumar in the report sent to the government and also gave evidence of this. Lakhs of rupees were mentioned in the talks between the two officers with brokers for getting postings done in the districts.



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