Is it a Gate or a Car? Anand Mahindra Shares Video of Man’s Innovative Home Entry Gate

Anand Mahindraโ€™s search for good content on social media is commendable. His Twitter handle is a place where you get knowledge, as well as entertainment. Another addition to his stock is a video that shows a very unique and innovative idea for a gate entrance.

The clip shows a large black gate with the body of a car attached to it. The car is basically embedded into the gate with the wheels of the vehicle acting as rollers for the gate. The video starts with the gate rolling on the carโ€™s tires and closing up. A man, controlling the gate, then exits the periphery of the property through the door of the car.

Sharing the clip of this interesting make, Mahindra, playing a sort of quiz in the caption, wrote, โ€œThis person is: 1) A passionate car lover? 2) An introvert who does not want anyone to try and enter his home? 3) Someone innovative with a quirky sense of humour? 4) All of the above?โ€

Take a look:

Since being shared, the video has managed to accumulate more than 35,000 views. Netizens were amused to see the car acting as an aesthetic, as well as a small door, for the gate.

One user wrote, โ€œWhen you have more talent than your brain cells.โ€

Another wrote, โ€œVery nice innovation. It looks like a gate modelled like a car. Interesting.โ€

This user answered Mahindraโ€™s quiz and chose options โ€œ1 and 3.โ€ โ€œIt is a cool gate,โ€ the user added.

Giving an โ€œout of box option,โ€ this user wrote, โ€œ5) An environmentalist and recycling believer with ingrained philosophy of zero waste.โ€

โ€œI reckon cars should be repurposed for cool stuff like this once they reach end-of-life,โ€ said this user highlighting the sentimental value of vehicles.

So, did you like this jugaad?

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