Is Mr Modi a dumb politician?

All those who have been following this matter of challenges faced by Indian farmers and have a soft corner for them, particularly when more than a lac have committed suicide since 2000, would notice that almost every expert has criticized the Mandi act and wanted to do away with them and every expert talked of freeing the shackles of marginal and poor farmers. Pick up old newspapers and magazines to look for experts views on this subject.

However, astonishingly, no govt since 2000 took any pains in removing those hurdles, the farmers, sadly, kept dying and the govts kept shedding crocodile tears but did nothing.

Were the successive govts full of idiots? Were Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi indifferent to the farmers’ miseries ? If they could think of MNREGA and Food security Bill then I think they were not indifferent in its real sense. A politician is not an idiot, he usually does things which can enhance their electoral prospects. 

So, in hindsight I can say that these leaders  Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi etc. were aware that if these shackles are removed some influential farmers and middlemen who have tremendous political clout will get disturbed and it will be risky from the electoral point of view to do anything that may harm their interests. So, they preferred to be politically correct and so instead of helping the marginal famers, they went in for political gains, instead of saving farmers’ lives,  they went in for votes. As they thought that Inaction in this regard will serve the electoral purpose better.

If this is not to be, then what could explain their inaction during the 10 years of their rule.

Now, that the Govt has done what the experts wanted, and has unshackled the poor and marginal farmers, it would be naïve to believe that Govt had no idea about the political fall out of this decision. So, if it was aware, and those who think that Modi is a sharp politician, then it is appreciable that this decision of unshackling the marginal farmers was taken without getting unduly worried of the rich farmers, who have political clout. 

 Now to state that this decision was taken to help Ambani and Adanis, I think, this is the most stupid argument one can give because after all it is the farmers who are finally going to either vote Mr Modi in or out of power. Lets not undermine the fact that we still have almost more than 60% of our population dependent on agriculture. 

People who are extending this argument need to answer following ; 

Can  Ambani and Adani provide Modi so much of money that he can bribe the farmers to vote them to power in UP, Bihar, MP, Karnataka, Rajasthan, Maharashtra etc.? 

Can our farmers all over the country be bought so easily?

If the answer to these questions is – No, then the people opposing these farm laws are politically motivated and are the same people whom Congress feared and Modi did not.

Or else they should accept that Mr Modi is a dumb politician and if he is not then you need to explain as to How is he and his party going to benefit from these new farm laws?



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