It is not us humans that is a dominant “living” system on the planet, it is the business houses

As we like to imagine that we are now (technologically) advanced enough to have created a brave new world that is all about experimenting with anything and everything through having a freedom of choice as individuals, we are living with a false belief that we are actually inventing a new way of life for us Homo sapiens.

Today we are questioning the wisdom of everything, starting with the biological systems evolved over four billion years, ecological systems that have evolved over couple of billion years and now social traditions that have evolved over a lakh or two years, because we think we are Homo Sapiens, the wise ape who think he/she knows better about how to evolve further beyond the constraints of the ancient and outdated wisdom it has inherited.

Unfortunately, all these ideas, all the experimenting with the so-called “freedom of choice” is surely being done, BUT not by us.

It is done by new life-forms that are competing and evolving, and they are the business houses.

If we look carefully, none of us as individuals are innately programmed to fight our biology or exploit the ecology that we are part of or even break social rules. In fact, we are programmed to happily follow the ancient systemic wisdom as our brains have extremely strong algorithms hard-wired and linked with powerful reward circuitry.

Our biology or ecology or social traditions are not a problem for us humans. They are the sources of most of the joy we feel, but they are a problem for a meta-animal species that has now emerged.

While humans as individuals are simple animals that love to find a mate, have kids and families, walk in the wilderness admiring it or interact with fellow human beings socially and be happy about it, all of this is a problem for the new animals called the business houses.

A business house is a strange animal as the only pleasure it knows is growing and amassing wealth.

It has to grow, grow and grow or it will die, so it is on an eternal quest to hoard resources and turn them into product that it can sell to profit more to use it in amassing more resources. This animal is completely alien in nature to all the systems that exist (and can viably exist) on this planet with limited resources.

It is clear that business house is an animal on a path of self-destruction on this planet that is not capable of serving its demand for unlimited and constant growth, but the problem is, it has captured us humans as its body cells to drive its metabolism. So, if it will die, so will we.

At this point we are enticed and trapped into being part of this new species, and we are unable to recognize it because it has used the port of gratification available in our brains to control and enslave us.

The problem that is really scary is not our current enticement but the way it is modifying us and evolving us into mindless gratification zombies that it controls to serve its agenda.

None of us are able to see what it is doing to us because we think we are a natural part of it.

The truth is, we humans are not biologically, ecologically or socially evolved to be part of an animal like a business house.

A business house has no sense of being in the moment and enjoying it. It is like a cancer that has only agenda of growing and hence it will do anything to modify us to help it grow.

If this a brave new world for humans, it is about time that we understand the new species that is a completely new “blood line” and a new way of “life” with a possible future where humans will not have a place.

Its current trajectory is easy to extrapolate to not just a human-less world but a world without biology. It will permit us only if we are ready to become cogs in the machine.

We have to start making a choice, a real choice and not the one that it is making us make before it is too late.

We need to make a choice that growing constantly and needlessly is not “life”.

We are here to be, be in the moment and be happy to be part of the natural systems this planet has evolved. If we decide to take the other path, what we will become is surely not we would want to.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



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