It was being sent to Arunachal Pradesh hiding in a container, the police caught it. Arunachal Pradesh was being sent by hiding in a container, police caught

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Noida’s Sector 63 police station and excise team have got a big success. During this, the police recovered 750 cases of illicit liquor from a container. The cost of the liquor is said to be Rs 45 lakh. This liquor was being transported from Chandigarh to Arunachal Pradesh. The police have also arrested a smuggler.

Additional DCP of Central Noida Vishal Pandey told that the Inspector in-charge was checking suspicious vehicles along with the Sector-63 police force. Only then information was received that a container carrying a large quantity of liquor from Haryana would pass through the FNG road.

container in police custody

On this information, the excise police started checking jointly with the team. Meanwhile, a container with the number of Punjab was seen coming. Seeing the checking, the container driver tried to escape. Chasing which the police station team and excise police team caught him near the overbridge ahead of Bahalolpur outpost.

When the container was checked, 750 (6714 litres) boxes of illegal liquor Blue Stroke Exclusive Whiskey of Arunachal Pradesh brand were found in it. During this, the arrested inter-state liquor smuggler was questioned about the recovered liquor. He told that he was going to supply liquor in Arunachal Pradesh via Chandigarh, Ambala, Panipat, Agra.

smuggler arrested

smuggler arrested

The liquor smuggler also told that they take the vehicle to Arunachal Pradesh on the same bill and route permit. The goods are dropped on the way. Along with this, many vehicles are removed on the same bill and route permit. During this, the police recovered liquor worth Rs 45 lakh.

During this, the police also arrested an accused named Satnam, who is originally from Punjab. Additional DCP of Central Noida Vishal Pandey said that Arunachal Pradesh brand liquor worth Rs 45 lakh has been recovered from a container in an operation being conducted on the instructions of Police Commissioner Laxmi Singh. A smuggler has also been arrested.

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