“I’ve grown up eating ghee, milk, curd and don’t feel the need to remove them from my diet,” says Kareena Kapoor Khan – Times of India

Before the gorgeous and scintillating Kareena Kapoor Khan made ghee, paranthas and laddoos look cool, we all believed that amidst all the glitz and glam, actresses do not really eat real, wholesome foods. Now pregnant for the second time, ETimes Lifestyle caught up exclusively with the actress to talk about her pregnancy, diet and her love for dairy.

How is your second pregnancy different from your first?

Well, the big difference is the lockdown. During my first pregnancy, I used to meet my friends and family from time-to-time and also indulge myself in Yoga with my instructor during the week. However, the current situation only demands one to be extra cautious and take proper precautions in terms of washing hands regularly, wearing a mask, limiting your exposure to people. Other than that, things are pretty good, pregnancy is a beautiful journey and I’m enjoying every bit of it.

Do you have different food cravings?

Cravings are like second nature during pregnancy. But, honestly speaking so far in this pregnancy I have not really craved for anything in particular. I’m having my regular home cooked food but of course combining that with curd and spoonful of ghee on my paratha’s is more like part of my diet routine.

What’s your go to healthy snack?

The first step was to become much more responsible about my food choices after becoming a mom. I am extremely mindful of the freshness, hygiene, and purity of the food products that enter my home. So, my go-to healthy snack as I mentioned is eating fruits and drinking homemade smoothies or milkshakes.

What do you have to say to people who say dairy is overrated and we are better off without it?

It is important to include food items that are nutrient-rich diet in your daily nutrition chart needs. Holistic eating is the key, to look good, to feel good, it is absolutely important to listen to your body and eat right. I’ve grown up eating ghee, milk, curd and don’t feel the need to remove them from my diet at all. There is nothing more nutritious like home cooked simple food. Infact ghee is known to have multiple benefits, it helps you glow from the inside. So as long as your in-take is in adequate quantities I don’t think there is a need to eliminate anything from your diet. The daily dose of dairy nutrition is a must because they make us internally strong.

You and Rujuta Diwekar brought ghee back in fashion. How do you include ghee in your diet?

It is important to listen to your body’s needs and eat the right amount of nutritious foods that help you repair, heal, and rejuvenate from inside. Ghee, I feel is very important and just the right amount of ghee daily can help you in a long way. Being a Punjabi, the aroma of the ghee brings a million-dollar smile on my face and makes me want to eat more. I can never say no to a Dal with Ghee ka Tadka. A generous amount of ghee on my paratha’s is a must, 365 days and when I’m in the mood to indulge, aate ka halwa made in my kitchen with ghee is ‘the’ thing I want to eat. I trust the products from Pride of Cows because it gets delivered from the farm right to our doorstep.

How do you like to eat your curd? What’s your favourite food combination?

Dairy is my first love! I love curd, ghee, milk, everything. But yes, curd being one of my favorites, I like to blend it well with rice, like curd-rice or add a bowl of it to complete my meal or a smoothie made from the most creamiest and thick curd to get that fulfilling craving. I can actually eat curd in any form anytime. Not only does it keep you cool from within, it aids in digestion too. But, the trick is to get the right curd, for me the curd has to be thick and creamy.

How are you preparing Taimur to welcome a little one in the family?

Well, there is nothing like preparing him as such. Of course he knows and he is happy and for now we are just enjoying this moment.


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