Jaiprakash Chowk column: Outrage and discontent within powerful and wealthy China, this country will be the victim of this anger in future

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  • The Resentment and Discontent within the Powerful and Wealthy China, This Country Will Be the Victim of the Anger in the Future

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35 minutes ago

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Jayprakash Chaukse, film critic

In the US, two-thirds of the votes have to be obtained in the Senate to prove a crime against the President. In the process of impeachment there is no secret ballot. Each member has to cast his / her opinion after expressing their views. No member can vote silently. Such an episode is described in ‘The Man’, a novel by Irving Wallace. The novel presents the president and senior partner of America die in an airplane crash.

According to the constitution, the senior-most senator now occupies the post of president. Incidentally, that senator is a black person. It is known that this novel was written years before Obama became President. Sometimes in fiction novels, the prediction of events becomes reality. In 1898, a novel by a minor writer, Morris Richardson, described the incident of a grand and modern ship hitting the Iceberg. A decade later ‘Titanic’ sank.

Strangely, the number of people who died in a real accident is almost the same as that presented in the fictional novel. The film ‘Titanic’ proved to be a great film due to the inclusion of a love story of a poor young and rich family girl. However, in the novel of impeachment, the daughter of his ardent opponent for the black president works.

After the election, the bitterness before the election and at the time of counting is bypassed. The white girl who works for the president publicly alleges that the black president attempted to rape her. The Senate begins debate and voting on a no-confidence motion. Apartheid seems to be dying in America, but this kuriti azar is immortal. The Sydney Poitier film Who Is Coming To Dinner is the best film made on this subject.

Votes are cast against the president and it is the turn of the last voter for a two-thirds majority. This is the same person, whose daughter has accused him of attempted rape. Hence, everyone assumes that the black president will be declared a criminal and will be punished. The senator suffering from apartheid stands up and makes a statement that his daughter has been suffering from mental illness for a long time.

She imagines events and begins to believe them to be real. Therefore, the black president’s attempt to rape her is just her imagination. Hence the black president is not guilty. He also presents a record of his daughter’s mental illness in the House.

It is known that a daughter of a black president was born of a white color and he married a white, hiding the truth, but he is in a dilemma as to whether or not to tell the truth as soon as his father becomes president. At the same time, the head of the Ku Klux Klan organization, a group that committed violence against whites, is also the son of a black president. He is also confused. At the same time, the President has also had an episode of violence by black people in South Africa.

The black president makes the right decision in all the cases. He is a person devoted to truth. Donald Trump is completely defeated, but his supporters are creating uproar. Trumpidum is a toxic ideology in America. Even after the defeat of Donald Trump, this ideology is beginning to break the value of life like a storm. The ideological narrowness is Azar Amar. Today, there is a new minority in the advocacy of logic and ideology.

It is so amazing that in the golden age of science and technology, narrowness as a power is becoming stronger day by day. This is happening in many countries of the world. There is resentment and resentment even within the powerful and wealthy China. China will be the victim of this anger in future. Lack, inequality and resentment are the irony of this period.

‘Om Shanti Shanti’ means that mental state after understanding everything in which you are surrounded by fickle waves and know yourself and remain stable. This is what Atman: Viddhi Mantra means. Today, in America, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are mobilizing against parochialism and negativity, trying to turn America’s El Dorado dream into reality.

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