Jambudip will open for tourists in Meerut from June 14 | Jambudip will open for tourists in Meerut from June 14, entry of tourists was closed in Corona in March 2020

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Jambudip located at Hastinapur, the historical site of Rath, is being re-opened for tourists. Tourists will be allowed to visit Jambudip from Monday 14 June. Due to Corona, the entry of tourists in Jambudip was closed for the last one year. It is being restarted after the lockdown opens. Jambudip is the main place of faith for the people of Jainism. There is also a point of weekend outings. Where people come to spend time with family.

Jambudip is a mixed center of faith and tourism. Followers of Jainism come here from the point of view of faith, common tourists come to visit, peace of mind. Jambudip has toy train, Airavat elephant like Lucknow zoo for tourists. Boating is also done. Voting, train and swing will be operational in July, Jambudip will be opened only for roaming.

Historical Pandaveshwar Temple of Hastinapur

Historical Pandaveshwar Temple of Hastinapur

Major Attractions of Hastinapur
Hastinapur situated at a distance of 37 km from Meerut and 100 km from Delhi is the witness of the princely states of Pandavas, Kauravas in the Mahabharata war of Mahabharata war. Tourists come here from the surrounding districts of Delhi. Vidurra Tila, Pandeshwar Temple, Baradari, Dronadeshwar Temple, Karna Temple, Draupadi Ghat and Kama Ghat are the places of interest in Hastinapur.

It is also a big center of faith for Jain devotees. Jain temples are famous in which religious events are held. Jambudweep Jain Temple, Shwetambar Jain Temple, Ancient Digambar Jain Temple, Ashtapada Jain Temple and Shri Kailash Parvat Jain Temple, Sumeru Parvat and Lotus Temple are the major sites. Being the birth place of Panch Pyare Bhai Dharamsingh, Hastinapur is a big center of recognition of Sikh communities. He was one of the five disciples of Guru Gobind Singh. The Gurdwara of Saifpur Karmachanpur is a major pilgrimage center for Sikhism.

Hastinapur's lotus temple is also a must-see

Hastinapur’s lotus temple is also a must-see

Draupadi Kund will also be beautified
Arun Kumar, chairman of Hastinapur, says that the lockdown has opened, now Jambudip will be opened for tourists to visit. Along with this, Draupadi is also getting the beautification of the Kund, due to Corona, all the work was stopped. So that the number of tourists increases in Hastinapur.

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