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Bollywood’s young star, Janhvi Kapoor’s Instagram is the perfect feed to keep visiting when you want some motivation to dance, exercise or even dress up. She’s also quite big on beauty and skincare which makes her Instagram just the right place to find everything related to skin and glamour. Here are some beauty and wellness tricks that we gathered from Janhvi’s Instagram.

– Bold brows frame your face well: We’ve noticed that there are times when Janhvi fills her brows in with a pencil, sweeps gel through them or just brushes them up. She makes sure that her bushy eyebrows are the highlight of her face. For brows like hers, you can add fullness and colour with a pencil. Brush in the direction of the hair growth to set.

– Highlighter is a must-have: The one thing that Janhvi’s make-up always includes is a highlighter. She’d once mentioned that her only instruction to her make-up artist is to always apply highlighter to finish the look. It’s her favourite make-up product. She likes to have a pretty intense highlight on her cheekbones and a subtle one on her nose and forehead.

– Trendy hairstyles are fun to try: Janhvi’s hair is usually tied up in ponytails or left loose, but there are times when she experiments with various other hairdos. This in itself tells us how we should always keep exploring and trying some trendy looks once in a while to make our face look a whole lot different.

– Homemade skincare remedies work just as well: Janhvi has always spoken about using at-home remedies to get a clear skin, most of which she learned from her mother, late actress Sridevi. She had mentioned before that she uses all the leftover fruits from breakfast to apply on her skin. She also uses honey, malai and whatever is available at home.

– Your hair needs as much care as your skin: The actress has the same philosophy of caring for her hair as she does for her skin. She had earlier said that she uses eggs, beer and even methi on her hair. An oil massage improves blood circulation and can also enhance hair growth. It’s all part of her hair regiment.


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